You might have more hats in the closet. And, you still buy the newest one anytime as well. Hats are nice and versatile. If you are the one who collects more hats every season, you need additional hat racks. Save them in the closet will take more space. Moreover, they are not easy to reach when you need them anytime. In this article, we give you cost-friendly and easy-to-make hat rack ideas. Check them out further and get inspired more!


Zig-Zag-Styled Hat Rack

Zig-zag-styled hat rack


Cool. This hat rack isn’t just decorative but also functional. The hats are arranged well in the wooden pegs. The zig-zag style creates such an attractive look. Feel free to paint the wood first to get more fun and chic style. What do you think?

DIY Scrap Wood and Pallet Baseball Hat Rack

Woods are versatile and often used as basic materials. In this time, scrap wood and pallet baseball hat rack will save your space. You can do so to keep your other hats and make your space tidier. Furthermore, this hat rack looks more decorative.

DIY Peg Coat and Hat Rack

Prepare the tools like a hammer, glue, and drill to attach the wooden dowel and wooden length to make this cool hat rack. You are free to hang other things like a wreath, coat, or even bags. We love the shape that will work well with any home decor theme.

DIY Standing Hat Rack

Make sure you have prepared the things you need to make this DIY standing hat rack like three wooden dowels, rope, and the s hooks. This handmade rack looks pretty to be put on the nook of your entranceway. Then, hang your hats, bags, or coats on the hooks. Cool, huh?

Easy DIY Hat Rack In The Corner

First of all, you need to get the rope, hammer, hooks, and click to make this easy DIY hat. This rack allows you to hang hats as many as you need. Furthermore, they look more decorative as well on the wall. Just make sure you decide the right location that will not break up your decor theme.

Lovely Coat Rack And Hat Rack

Paint slim and sleek 6 feet wooden boards in red or any color you want. Then, add hooks to them. Mount the rack on the wall vertically. This easy project can be done in several minutes. Just make sure you have decided on the equal distance interval to get a pretty and tidy hat rack.

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