Outdoor fire pits are such an awesome addition to a patio area. You can gather with friends and family or simply sit and enjoy the outdoors with the warmth of a fire. Once you get your fire pit set up, you need to figure out seating to truly be able to enjoy the space. 

It can be hard to find patio seating that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Let’s be honest, some of those simply aren’t that appealing. Why not take a little extra time and make yourself a DIY fire pit seating space? 

Need some fire pit seating ideas? We’ve got you covered! 

Why Use DIY Fire Pit Seating? 

When it comes to style, a budget, and even durability, DIY options can be a life saver. Purchasing patio furniture sets can quickly get expensive and they may not be ideal for your setting. They are often plain and simple and they may not be safe or heavy enough to remain stable in your fire pit area. 

Your next best solution is to take matters into your own hands. Create your own seating and have something that is exactly what you want and will work well for the space. 

When you turn to DIY, you can make things to fit your style and your needs. You can use a scroll saw to add intricate design and scrollwork to any DIY project. If you need a good scroll saw to accomplish this, you can learn more here about some of the best options out there! 

Now, let’s talk about some ideas so you can get started on your next project. 

1. Keep it Simple

You don’t have to get fancy to finish up a DIY fire pit seating area. You can keep it simple and just create some benches for the space. Make these benches into circular shapes or simply make them straight and sturdy. 

You can add backs or you can just have a simple setting bench base. The nice thing about keeping it simple with benches is you can easily make several of these to accommodate multiple seats. 

You might also be able to use the space under the benches for storing firewood so you can keep some nearby to restock your fire pit as needed! 

2. Circular Appeal

A great approach to DIY fire pit seating is to accommodate the shape of the pit. This way, when you gather around the fire pit, no one feels left out of the space or the circle. Everyone can gather on the circular seating. 

Most fire pits are circular but if yours is square or rectangular, you probably still use a similar concept. Create your seating in a circle for an aesthetic appeal that accommodates multiple seats in a similar distance for each seat. 

You would be surprised how many people can fit onto your circular seating. Create a semi-circle or a full circle. If you create a full circle, just be sure to leave space for entering or exiting the circle comfortably without having to climb over the bench or other people. 

You can use any type of style or design with this concept. You can also create storage under the benches for your wood to make the space more accommodating as well. 

3. Campfire Chairs

Not really into the bench designs? Try making campfire chairs! You can make simple campfire chairs that are sturdy and comfortable and will easily fit around your fire pit in whatever setup you prefer. 

Campfire chairs might provide a bit more comfort than a bench because they offer individual seating as well as more back support than a traditional fire pit bench. 

There are traditional campfire chairs that are just a small seat with a back that can fold up and move or you can create larger chairs that are similar to deck chairs or even thrones. Insert your personal style and appeal and make these as comfortable or as large as you want to for your space. 

Make a chair and make it personal to your needs and your preferences for the space! 

4. Go All Out

Maybe your fire pit space is meant to be the ultimate escape. Why not go all out and make it the perfect space for enjoying the fire and being comfortable in the process? Create full bench seats that are perfect for comfort and lounging and will seat a large number of people as needed?

You can make the entire setting out of wood, or you can use a concrete foundation and then use wood to make the seats and the high backs. This will look amazing, it will be welcoming, and it will be comfortable as well. 

Then, you can add some cushions and pillows for more comfort and an aesthetic appeal as well. 

5. Set into the Ground

This idea could take some extra work but the result is something very unique and comfortable. Dig your fire pit itself and the fire pit setting into the ground. Use the natural resources to help form and shape your fire pit seating space and then use wood and concrete to complete the design. 

This is simple and comfortable and really so easy. The hardest part is digging out the space to accommodate the design. One nice thing about this particular idea is that you can easily cover the entire space when you aren’t using it, to protect it from the elements. 


No matter what your personal tastes are, there are ways to make your own DIY fire pit seating from scratch. You can easily use a variety of materials, including wood, concrete, and stone in order to make your own seating. 

Use the materials of your choice and incorporate your own style into the process. Maybe you love the look of natural logs for benches or maybe you prefer concrete and stone for a sturdy setup. 

You can take any of the ideas we have shared here and simply use them for inspiration to create a style all your own. 

Tell us about your fire pit seating ideas! We’d love to know! 

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