In the winter season, the outside is chilly. Therefore, you will need a spot in your home to warm you up and avoid you from a bad mood. Thus, on this page, you will see the steps to present a cozy living room for your all family members with Applicable Cozy Steps To Get Your Living Room Ready This Winter.

Play On Colors

In this winter living room, use a navy wall as the background. Paired with a brown sofa and red pillows, it will present an attractive look and is perfect for a winter theme. Navy, Brown and Red Combination from @hamiltonhousedesigns.

A green sofa complemented by a pink pillow will present a beautiful and attractive look in winter. White walls will be the main background and perfect in winter. Green and Pink Combination from @loafhome.

Instead of looking pale, this living room has bright color accents like red and green so it will look more festive. Here you can also bring evergreen and other winter ornaments so they will look perfect.  White, Red and Green Themed from @christmaslove365.

This winter living room uses green and blue sofas so that it will make it look brighter. With this, your living room can provide its own joy in your winter living room. Green and White Combination from @christmaslove365.
Bringing bright colors to your living room this winter will give it a more festive look and less of a pale look. Here you can use a green sofa and orange pillow so it looks very beautiful. Green and Red Combination from @selinalake.

Play On Texture

You can bring cotton and fur to play with textures in the winter Livingroom. Fur blankets and cotton pillows will work together to provide warmth and comfort for you. Cotton and fur Texture from @pomponetti.

The texture of the cotton fabric will give it a soft and warm touch. You will never fail to present it in the winter Livingroom decoration so that it is perfect for creating comfort. Play Cotton Texture from @acornhillhome.

Play texture in your living room decoration. Here you can use a white fur pillow and white fur blanket. So the smooth texture on both of them will make you feel comfortable and perfect in winter. White Fur Texture from @homedekor_byvanessa.

Check out the living room this winter! The owner played with textures in the living room this winter. This combination of accessories made using fur and cotton will give your skin a soft touch. Cotton Pillow and Fur Rug from @karens_cottagehome.

This living room is equipped with textured pillows and blankets so it looks attractive. Made using fur material, it manages to give everyone a soft touch and makes this living room very comfortable. Textured Pillow and Blanket from @amandabray.interiors.

Add Ambiance With Fairy Lights And Candles

The presence of string lights in this living room is perfect for creating a comfortable feel in winter. Now you can display it in a window so it will be the perfect window treatment there. String Light Curtain from @malwina.melissa.

This living room is decorated with string lights that are placed on the floor area so that it will present a beautiful and festive look. Here you can also add candles and place them on the table so that they will give a calming feel. Floor String Light from @jestem_lika.

Presenting string lights, in this living room area will give a bright appearance and successfully bring festivity. The candles that are displayed in front of the fireplace will present a simple and soothing feel. Garland String Light from @christmasismerry.

This string light that hangs from the ceiling to the floor will provide a beautiful view and a calming yellow light. A few aromatherapy candles displayed on the table will provide a light and relaxing scent. Wall String Light from @woonexpress.

The string lights that are replaced in the window will be the perfect window treatment in this living room. At this time you can also add candles in this living room so that it will make this living room look beautiful and calming. String Light Window Treatment from @la_nostra_casetta_in_campagna.

Let The Outdoors Go Indoors

Potted evergreen which is displayed at several points in the living room manages to present a refreshing natural look. Here you can place it on the table and in the corner of the living room so that it will present the perfect outdoor feel. Potted Evergreen from @athomewithjessidee.

This living room has an outdoor theme presented by greenery so it will make it look beautiful and attractive. You can place it at several points in this living room so that it will present a beautiful and refreshing look. House Plant from @greeneacresfarmhouse.

The greenery garland that is hung on the fireplace has succeeded in presenting a beautiful appearance and is synonymous with an outdoor theme. Now you can also add a greenery arrangement on top of this fireplace so that it looks very beautiful and stunning. Greenery Arrangement from @jenniferlauraliving.

Bringing an outdoor feel to a winter Livingroom decoration is the perfect idea. Now you can bring a natural touch by presenting a potted tree so it will look very natural and can contribute freshness. Potted Tree from @nasza_idealna_stodola.

The fireplace in this living room is decorated with evergreen and wooden logs so that it will bring an outdoor feel to your living room. So that it will give a fresh and attractive feel in winter. Evergreen and Wooden Log from @prettyandprintedshop.


Carving fireplace with white color decorated with evergreens and branches looks attractive. The owner added string lights there to make it look more beautiful and festive. Lighted Fireplace from @thegoodwillgal.

Decorated with a village theme, this fireplace living room looks even more beautiful in winter. The owner added a string light there, so it will make this village look more beautiful and perfect. Village Fireplace from @mountains_to_michigan.

Look at this living room fireplace! Decorated with a winter garland made using burlap, it will make it perfect in winter. The owner also added snowflake and evergreen accents on the fireplace so that it would look more festive. Burlap Winter Garland from @sayitinburlap.

This winter, the fireplace is a furniture that you must have in the living room season. This white fireplace is decorated with light garlands, mini trees and villages so it will make it look very beautiful and festive. Lighted Garland Fireplace Decor from @mysweetportuguesehome.

This living room fireplace has a white theme, which makes it look more beautiful and clean without being overdone. The pompom garland and wooden beaded garland that are hung at the front of the fireplace will present an attractive appearance. White Themed from @sheamausserdesigns.

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