Some people forget about the points of light on the ceiling in the winter season. The more you place the lighting, distributed throughout the room, the more welcoming space will be. Here is the best page for you. All the ideas are collected on Must Project To Do To Have A Better Light In Your Home This Winter.

Ambient Light In The Bedroom

Apart from using a table lamp, this bedroom uses a hanging lamp made using feathers. Having a white color theme will present a beautiful and perfect look in winter. Feather Hanging Lamp from @ourroseberryhome.

Light Up The Hall

You can place led lights at ceiling height as lighting in the hall. This will give you useful effects and additional decorations to offer a pleasant glow every second. Ceiling Lighting from @redsocksdesign.

Do you know what is the most impressive lighting technique? You can install an LED lamp in the ceiling hall so that it will present a beautiful appearance. The light generated from this white LED lamp will provide perfect lighting. White LED Lighting from @project_aurora.

Welcome Home

This table lamp is made with a DIY project using wooden beaded so it will look more unique and creative. This lamp has a yellow glow which is perfect for winter hall lighting ideas so it will give off a warm feel. Beaded Table Lamp from @everlastingmanordecor.

Lamps With Fabric Shade

These table lamps are complemented by a DIY lamp shade made using burlap for the perfect rustic look. With this burlap shade, your lamp will give off a warmer feel. Burlap Lamp Shade from @frizka.rt.

This silk cotton fabric lamp shade succeeds in making your lamp look bursting with orange so it will give a beautiful and warm light. Place this lamp on the table so that it can be exposed perfectly. Silk Cotton Fabric Lamp Shade from @livgud.lightandglaze.

Lanterns for Lighting

This lantern was made using patterned paper so it will make the light produced look warmer. Placing it on the table, makes it a perfect lighting idea in winter home decor. Paper Lantern from @afterblacksw.

Look at this lantern! Made with a DIT project using sheer snowflake pattern this looks lovely in winter. The creator used a yellow candle to complete this lantern so it will provide a calming light.  Snowflake Lantern from @marissalynne.

Pendant Light Above Table

If you like a natural look, you can make a pendant light using a wooden material. Hanging it above the dining table, allows it to provide the perfect lighting. Wooden Pendant Light from @home.byhelena.

This pendant light is made using old baskets so it will present an attractive rustic look at an affordable cost. You can place this pendant light on the table so it will work well. Basket Pendant Light from @modernly_marisa.

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