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Creative Ideas On How To Elevate Your Children’s Pencil Case

It is almost all kids love to craft.

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Especially when they do it for their own things. Ask them to give personal touches to their pencil case will be a great project. Choose free time this weekend since this project will need great cooperation. Let us see these DIY pencil case ideas further below!

Cute DIY Strawberry Pencil Case

Well, it isn’t just a strawberry pencil case. You are free to make watermelon, pineapple, or orange pencil case too as long as you have the material needed. In this picture, the creator chooses a red case and applies black dots. At the bottom of the case, the creator adds a green felt.

Cool Rattan Pencil Case

Personalize a rattan pencil case that you have got from IKEA. Feel free to paint a striped color style of drawing a certain shape like strawberry, ball, or others. This rattan pencil case looks so elegant without any additional touch as well.

A Leather Pencil Case

So, what do you think of this leather pencil case? Look at the color that so elegant and cool for your kids. Further, adults will love it too. This simple project done by cutting the leather into some pieces and sew it into the next leather.

Pencil Case in Gold Dots

Apply personal detailing in a plastic pencil case will give a special appearance. In this picture, the owner of this pencil case adds gold dots.

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You are free to add other personal touches in various shapes like stars, flowers, and more.

DIY Pencil Case With Palm Leaf

This tropical feel pencil case will look awesome to be used in summer. It shows how beautiful summertime is. Draw palm leaves and paint it in green to look like real palm leaves. In another way, you can cut out vinyl and paint the design of palm leaves.

Embroidered FLower On A Pencil Case

You will need more free time to create this embroidered flower pencil case. Further, you have to be more creative to design the flower and sew it carefully. The pencil case is made of a certain fabric that is not easy to break.

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So, you can add more and more embroidery patterns.

Glittery Pencil Case DIY

You will love this design as well as your kids. Glitters are nice and fun to use as a personal touch. Ask your kids to do this project with you and see how happy they are working with glitters. Feel free to decide the patterns as you wish.

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