When talking about suitable lighting for your bedroom, a nice lighting is the one that can create an overall atmosphere of quite relaxation, while providing some bright spots for reading and any other activities. Choosing lighting can seem daunting, especially when you have a small space. Bedroom lighting can range from basic to bold, and dimmed to dramatic. No matter what, lighting is a key player in your bedroom design.

For your bedroom’s lighting, a wall-mounted fixtures can furnish general, task and accent lighting, while semi flush or ceiling fixtures provide general lighting. You can also hang pendants next to your bed or install recessed down-lights in the ceiling over the bed. For your kid’s bedroom, placed a track lights which can be swiveled, rotated and aimed in a direction to shed light on any spot and as they grows older, it can be moved and redirected toward a cabinet or sitting area.  Now if you need a wall light ideas for your teenage bedroom, check out these 46 easy and awesome wall light ideas to inspire you.

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