A leaky roof can make you agitated and increase frustration during harsh weather conditions where you have to run around with a bucket to keep the water off your floor. To keep this agitation away, keep an eye on your roof and fix the issues before they get out of hand. Here are the 4 most common roof issues and effective solutions to prevent your roof from leaking.

1. Improper Skylight Installation

Loosely-fitted skylights and panes can make way for running water and result in leakage. Improper measurements during installation or poor insulation in the skylight area can also result in leakages. You can also spot the issue if the area around the skylights is always wet.

How to fix it: Scrutinize your skylights and trace the path of the leaking water. If it is running down the crevices of the skylight, it is time to reinstall or change the skylight panes. Hire a professional to disassemble the skylight pane and check it closely. Replace the skylights in case of any ambiguity.

2. Chimney Damage

A minor crack in your chimney can result in leakage. This can be due to age or harsh weather conditions. According to the roof repair consultants at Denver metal roofing, the mortared part of the chimneys is usually the main issue. Check the mud cap along with the condition of your chimney to detect the problem.

How to fix it: If the worn-out mortar is the main issue, reapply a thick mixture of cement, sand,  and water to cover the cracks. If you are unable to detect the exact reason or cannot fix it, call a professional to find the issue and solve it.

3. Broken Shingles

This problem is easily visible and takes just a few seconds to detect the exact leakage spot. The tiles or elements used to cover a roof’s exterior part are called shingles. Heavy rain and storm conditions can push the shingles away from the roof, which can result in water leakage.

How to fix it: Check for missing shingles or cracks in the tiles to solve the issue. You must learn the right way to connect the missing shingles with nails. Replace old or damaged shingles with new tiles and ensure that they are properly connected with the nails.

4. Clogged Gutters

Another common issue that leads to roof damage is clogged gutters. Harsh weather conditions and heavy rains can push debris and tree leaves into your roof’s gutters, which can clog them and cause water to leak from your roof.

How to fix it: Find a way to reach the top of your roof’s gutters for a visible inspection. You will need some tools to remove the debris from the gutters and unclog them. Use long sticks and push the waste with your hands if needed. Collect the waste and dispose of it in an enclosed space.

If left untreated, roof leakages can impact your lifestyle and cost you more in the long run. Even if you detect a minor leak, treat it as soon as possible. As mentioned, hire professional help if needed.

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