Feel bored with home decorations that are just so so? You can refresh the look of your room with pillows. A pillow maybe for some people just a soft-comfortable-rectangular object used for sleeping or hugging while watching TV. But for other people who have high creativity, pillows can be one of the items that can be used to beautify your private room, such as the bedroom or living room. You can explore your creativity by decorating your pillow with various types of attractive pillow covers.

You can use a plain cover with common colors like black, dark blue or white. Or you could choose a cover with a variety of patterns. Like the current trend which is all about the tropics, like the banana leaf pattern. This cover pattern is very suitable for use in summer. In addition, you can use other motifs such as flowers, pumpkins, triangles or even pictures of animals. It all depends on what you are expected.

Banana leaves motive pillow
Black and white motive pillow
Black pillow with good quote
Blue throw pillow cover
Colorful throw pillows with tassel
Cozy furry pillows
Blue pillow with compass motive
Embroidered leaves pattern pillow
Flower motive pillow
Grey pillow with white tassel
Light blue pillow with tassel
Knit pillow
Pumpkin pattern and plaid pillows
Embroidered pumpkin motive pillow
Dark blue throw pillow cover
Quotes on white pillow
Red brick color throw pillow
Simple striped pillow
White bear motive pillow
Sparkling pillow with soft pink and white volors
Star motif on pillow
Blue striped pillow with tassel
Striped pillow with tassel
Triangle pattern pillow
Unique bohemian pillow
Classic pattern on red pillow
Beige furry pillow
White furry pillow
White and brown striped pillow
White pillow with dark blue tassel
All-striped pattern pillow
White pillow with big tassel

More than that, if you want something more unique, you can also use other pillow cover models such as knit pillow covers with tassel accents on the bottom side or on each side of the pillow. Even more interesting is the pillow with a fluffy cover, this gives the sensation of sleeping on your pet’s fur. It will feel comfortable and certainly looks interesting if placed on a sofa or your bed. Knit pillow cover is also no less unique with all types of pillow cover earlier.

The use of the color of the pillow cover is of course according to your taste and you also have to consider whether the color chosen will match the color of the paint in your room. Although the color of the pillow cover is actually more basic colors so it will look neutral if combined with any color of the paint. If you have enough free time, you can try to make the pillow cover with wool or cloth that is not used anymore.

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