Succulent is kind of plants that have the ability to save water in their stem. The most familiar of succulent that you may have known is cactus, anyway succulent is not only consist of cactus. As long as the plants have the ability to save water more, then you can call it succulent. It also become the reason why succulent has the ability to live easily without any certain maintenance.

The idea of succulent to be your indoor greenery that can beautify your home decoration is really interesting especially when you are busy with your job and don’t have much time to take care of your plants. The kinds of succulent is also varied so that you can have lot of choices based on your personal taste. The following pictures are some of the succulent examples to be your references.

Patterned pot combined with plants
White pot with plants
Animals pot combined with small plant
Wooden box planter
Colorful glass combined with small plants
Colorful clay pots decoration with plants
Unused jar pots combined with small plants
Cute animal character pots for decoration combined with small plants
Cute grey pot with small plants
Cute plastic pots with pineapple shape
Glass pots combined with small plants
Metal pots planter
Perfect pumpkins for succulent planter
Creative planter with unused book for pot
Pumpkin succulent planter
Wooden box planter
Little wooden box planters for succulent
Round glasses for succulent planter
Little glass pots
Small white pumpkins for succulent planter
White pumpkin pots
Little wooden beam planters
Natural stone pot for succulent
Striped clay pots
White pumpkins pots
DIY succulent planter
White pots for succulent plant
White pumkins with plants
White pumpkins planter
White pumpkins for succulent plant

As you can see from the pictures above that succulent has so many beauty different kinds of plants. It also possible for you to use any planter design and placement. It is really flexible and easy to be designed into cute and pretty look. You can even adjust it with your home design from the rustic, boho, classic, and even modern. You just have to conform the planter so that it can fit with your home design perfectly.

Moreover, although succulent is really easy to be maintained and don’t need any special treatment, it doesn’t mean that you can let it just that way. Don’t forget to water your succulent periodically. You don’t need to water it everyday, just find the best schedule on it. Happy planting and decorating!

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