For women, appearance is something that must be considered. Appearance is not only about the clothes worn, but also about the makeup used because, in fact, makeup can change someone’s appearance to be more beautiful. So, it is not often for women to have various types of makeup ranging from foundation, blush on, eyeliner, powder, lipstick, and many more. With the makeup you have, surely you are sometimes confused about where to find the makeup that you put. So, choosing the right makeup storage is a have to do.

Many makeup storages that you can find in stores. The price also varies depending on the material and design. However, sometimes there is no storage in accordance with your wants and needs. So, from now, you can use all your creativity to make your own beautiful and chic makeup storage. But before you make it, let’s look at some pictures from the makeup storage below.

Transparent glass makeup storage
Big shelves for makeup storage
Colorful floating boxes for makeup storage
Creative diy makeup storage on pull-out drawer
Creative makeup storage with small bucket
Creative makeup storage with hexagon white iron
Dark table combined with shelves makeup storage
Makeup storage on racks beside the mirror
Makeup storage on racks on the walls
Small storages inside the drawer
Round gold tube and iron basket makeup storage
Modern makeup storage with small white storage
Plastic box for makeup storage
Purple box for makeup storage
Red makeup storage
Shelves at the corner for makeup storage
DIY make up storage from unused photo frame
Smart makeup storage with glass
Smart makeup storage with white baskets
Vertical wooden makeup storage beside mirror
Vertical white drawers for makeup storage
White cabinets to put glass makeup storage
White diy shelves for makeup storage
White makeup table combined with drawers for makeup storage
White makeup table with diy glass storage
Small makeup storage inside the drawer
White box makeup storage inside the drawer
White drawers for makeup storage
Hexagon wooden makeup storage
Wooden makeup storage

From some pictures above, you can see how beautiful and inexpensive the makeup storage that you can make or create your own. Many designs that you can choose as storage that you will make. One tip that you must follow is you have to design storage according to your makeup needs and you have to organize or group your makeup tools according to their functions to make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for. If you don’t have a place to put your make up storage, you can place it on the wall and it can also be a beautiful wall decor there.

So now, start trying to make your own makeup storage in your house. By making it yourself, a sense of satisfaction and pride will appear when you see the results of your work. The most important thing is, make it with pleasure so that the results obtained can be maximized. Good luck!

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