When talking about home decoration, you may only comes to some ornament that will be common and familiar for you. But nowadays, there are another idea for your home ornament that will give your home extra benefit because you can use it as your home greenery at the same time. The idea that we are going to talk about here is the tiny plant which is really unique for your decoration.

What is mean by tiny plant here is not only in plants that have tiny size but also on how we choose the right plants that are proper and pretty enough to be used as the decoration. You can even grow more than one plant in one pot to make it more varied and design the planting placement based on your imagination. Use another materials like wood or stone to make it looks more adorable and interesting.

This plant is usually used to decorate living room that placed on the table to make guests feel comfortable. This small plant is designed in a white cup with a variety of ornamental plants such as vines and cactus plants. There are also small white stones and some mushroom shaped as the additional decoration. Then, there are also staircases, chairs and small railings as a complement.

If you look at this plant design, you can see that it is a DIY homemade planter. You can make the design that you like. The example of the DIY plant designs above can be used as your reference. The plants that are in the white pots have additional decoration by using certain fabric and buttons. Usually these pots can be placed on the dining table to add freshness with your family.

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What do you think if you see an ordinary room? Surely you will feel that something is missing and you must have an idea to decorate the room. The picture design above can be used as your reference for your small plant ornaments which is suitable for your room. You can plant some small plants in blue and white pots by using simple combination. Decorate it with cute face painting with a charming green plant.

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Plants to decorate children’s room usually use cute decorations. You can try to grow plants with colorful pots that have decorations for various types of animals such as cats and bears. These cute green plants and cute pots are suitable decorations for your daughter’s room and make your child feels at home in her room

You must have a creativity and great imagination to your home decoration. Green plants are one of the decorations that are suitable for your room. In this case, white pots with motivation words decoration and shiny gold color are really great. In addition, beside the beauty purpose, these decorative plants have another function that can make your mind fresher because you can see at the fresh plants

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There are so many variations of plant decoration that you can try for any room in your home. If commonly, the plant decoration that you used is only placed in common place, now you can try to put a small garden with brown and white pots on your wall. It is great because plants can add the beauty of your walls and make your room amazing.

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This is one of the indoor decorations that you should try. This plant is usually placed on a table close to the window, which uses round black pots and small green plants, pebbles and small animal sculptures that add life to plant decoration. You will not feel bored because you can see the beautiful decoration in the room and see the beautiful outdoor scenery from the window.

There are some beautiful outdoor decorations are available, one of them is done by using plants. This plant can be an alternative decoration because it uses a pot of snail shells that are dusted with fresh green plants. This plant decoration will not bore you because it uses materials from nature that can last a long time.

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The ways to display your tiny plants can be in anywhere, it can be placed on the table, your countertop, or even in your bathroom. The amazing thing is that you can even use it as your wall decoration by hanging the pots in the wall. Use it as your indoor or outdoor decoration and make sure that you make the good arrangement on it. Although the tiny wall hanging plants can’t be decorated into certain unique design but it still quite worthy.

The pictures that we have served for you can be your reference in making your own DIY tiny plants. Choose the one that will fit your home and your capability in making the DIY and use the pictures above as your example so that you can adapt it. Good luck!

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