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20 Functional DIY Pallet Wood Project Ideas

In the modern era, a lot of new products or goods are created. The one that always develops with the times is the home furniture. Furniture is goods at home that have important functions such as chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, and others. However, when you go to a furniture store, you will see a variety of furniture at expensive prices. Whereas, you can create your own goods from materials that are cheap and easy to find. This material is pallet wood.

When you go to a traditional market, you will see a wooden mat used as a base for placing goods or containers such as fruit and vegetables. And the wooden mat is pallet wood. Well, nowadays, many people show their creative ideas by making various goods by using pallet wood. Many kinds of goods that are made from pallet wood, such as pallet bars, pallet boxes, pallet tables, pallet chairs, and pallet hanger. So, to make you don’t get dizzy in imagining it, below we present pictures of goods made by pallet wood. Let’s see it!

Pallet Bar

Simple square diy pallet bar with concrete table in the garden for outdoor party.
Cool diy pallet bar with small black chairs, decorative lighting and face picture on the wall.
Best outdoor diy pallet bar in the garden with simple design
An awesome diy pallet bar in the house for family party

image source

Pallet Box

Small square diy pallet box for best storage idea
Beautiful vertical diy pallet box with gray color for colorful flowers planter.
An amazing large square diy pallet box for flowers container.
Creative diy pallet box planter ideas with simple way.

image source

Pallet Table

Simple diy wooden pallet coffee table for amazing living room decor
Smart diy pallet table for dining table with rattan chair, wall art of bird painting for beautiful dining room decoration
Round diy pallet table combine red pallet chairs for your beautiful garden
Clever diy pallet table with red legs for work table.

image source

Pallet Chair

Unique diy wooden pallet chair for on a budget idea to complete your home decoration
Stunning diy wooden pallet chair for your amazing living room
Classic diy wooden pallet relaxing chairs to relax in side front yard.
An awesome diy wooden pallet chair that can be used for book storage on beside for multi functional furniture idea.

image source

Pallet Hanger

Wonderful diy wooden pallet hanger with iron key hooks, mirror, green plants for best decor.
Long diy wooden pallet hanger that you can used to hook your coat, hat, umbrella or another your item.
Interesting diy wooden pallet hanger for jacket that merge with shoes rack in entryway.
Clever diy wooden pallet hanger for jacket that stick behind the door for simple decoration.

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All pictures above are the functional pallet wood. The pictures are only a small example of pallet wood that you can make by yourself because in reality there are still many other goods that you can make from this material. You can see that ordinary goods can be changed into extraordinary goods. And the advantageous is, besides functioning as a bar to enjoy drinking, boxes for pot, tables, chairs and clothes hanger, this pallet can also be used to enhance the appearance of the house.

So, from now. Look for pallet wood around you and start making goods from this pallet. Make some pictures above as your inspiration in turning pallet wood into functional goods. With the various goods of this pallet wood, someone will feel amazed when seeing it. And you must know if you can make money from various goods made by pallet wood. Hopefully inspire!

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