Before the lamp was invented, the candle was used as a lighting source in a dark room. But now, the lamp has gotten rid of the popularity of candles because the lamps have a better ability than candles. However, the nature of candles that are soothing and romantic is not owned by the lamp. The function of candles is no longer only as a source of lighting. Candles have became items that are needed in the fall. Candles are used to make the autumn atmosphere more lively. The post below will present some creative ideas from candles.

An ordinary candle combined with a good decoration technique will be something that attracts attention. Its existence is able to add a more colorful atmosphere to the house depending on the shape of the decorative candle. If you are looking for a nature-themed candle, you can make big candlelight that is covered with cinnamon and then tied with rope. It can also be combined with other items such as green leaves tied with white ribbons Not too difficult, isn’t it?

Big candle light that covered with cinnamon and then tied with rope
Big candles combined with green leaves
Big wooden candle light stand
Candle light combined with cinnamon that tied with ribbon
Candle holder use black lantern
Candle light combined with articial fall leaf and white flower
Candle light combined with peanut and leaves in glass to perfect your fall decoration
Candle light combined with small pumpkins
Candle light combined with corn and fall leaves in tube glass
Candle light with pumpkin shape in glass and leaves decoration
Candle light in glass and dried pine fruits
Candle light with pumpkins stand
Candle light with dried wheat
Some cinnamon to cover big white candles
Colorful leaves combined with candle in glass holder
Diy wooden beam for candles holder
Flowers decoration combined with white candle
Glass candle holder combined with gold leaf
A glass for candle holder
Old lamps candle holder
Orange candle with wooden stand
Perfect candle light combined with pumpkins and leaves
Pumpkins candle holder to perfect your candle light decoration
Round wooden candle holder
Mason jar candle holder on the wooden beam centerpiece holder
Small candle combined with colorful flowers to perfect your fall decoration
Small wooden candle holders
Unique wooden candle holder
Wooden board for candle holder combined with leaves decoration
Square wooden candle holder
Wooden stand to perfect your candle decoration

Autumn nuance besides being familiar with candles are decorated with various items. To decorate the living room you can make candlelight combined with pumpkin shape in glass and leaves decoration. This will make your neighbors feel jealous and want to make the same candle decoration. Not only that, but candles can also be used for centerpieces on the dining table. The easy thing you can do is to put light candles in glass and dried pine fruits.

Autumn is identical to plants such as pumpkin, wheat, maple leaves and also decoration from wood. With a little creativity, you can create objects with candles for autumn decoration. If you want the dining table to look fun and exciting, you can simply make a decorative candle in a glass holder that is given a touch of colorful maple leaves, pine, and pumpkin. Candles can not only be put into the glass, but candles can be placed in old pine lamp candle holders, and can also be an option to calm the mind.

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