If we have our own garden at home, of course, it will provide many benefits. One of them is to reduce expenses to buy a variety of vegetables and other kitchen needs. In addition, by making our own garden we can have vegetables that are free of pesticides. To make your own garden, we only need a place to plant. We can use a wooden box or cinder block as a place to grow vegetables.

Pallet Wood

Are you too lazy to squat when pulling vegetables while growing crops? Try to provide some tall wooden boxes that are neatly arranged or you can also use wooden pallets. Then arrange the plants based on color or type. For example the first wooden box for carrots, the second box for tomatoes, and so on. The vegetable garden will look neater and you won’t have to bother squatting anymore. You will amaze your neighbors if you have a clean and tidy garden.

A DIY garden bed that uses a palette to grow vegetables adds dry straw next to it to make it more fertile
Creative Bed Planter design that is intended to grow a variety of plants and vegetables can be an inspiration for your garden
DIY Raised Garden Beds Ideas that are Easy to Build and suitable for growing vegetables to be fertile
You can apply DIY Bed Planter from wood pallet to grow vegetables so they are arranged perfectly

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raised garden beds using a pallet to grow vegetables in your backyard

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best raised garden bed design for a variety of plants and to make it more beautiful the existing pallet in your garden is painted in green with a floral motif
cute DIY using pallets for garden beds with pink paint to make it stand out on your garden
DIY creative garden bed from wood pallet to grow green plants and suitable to decorate your home then given a firing light to get good lighting
simple garden with a pallet garden bed and added a trellis in the middle to spread your plants

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Cinder Block

A place to grow vegetables can vary, it depends on the creativity of each person. For example, a mini vegetable garden or herbs that are planted in this cinder block. Concrete, or cinder block, is a cheap building material for the garden. It’s easy to get at your local store, with a little creativity you can use it to create a hardscaping garden that will long last. You can grow garden beds made with cinder blocks to grow a variety of vegetables in the middle and utilize cinder blocks around them to plant crops.


large garden bed with utilizing cinder block to plant lettuce to produce a satisfying harvest
simple garden bed with Cinder Block which is a place to grow plants in your backyard with a large space

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Cinder Block garden bed can be one of the media for you to try to propagate plants in your garden
Cinder Block garden bed can be your inspiration for planting various green plants and vegetables in the backyard
Creative DIY Cinder Block Bed Planter will look simple to make and not easily damaged to grow various vegetables and cultivate leeks
Creative DIY Spacious Bed Planter from Cinder Block in the shape of a triangle to make it more attractive for your garden
Creative DIY Spacious Bed Planter with Cinder Block L-shaped garden nicely utilizes the corner space beside this home.
Raised Garden Beds Made with Cinder Blocks to grow a variety of vegetables in the middle and utilize cinder blocks around them to plant crops
simple cinder block beds to limit your vegetable plants will look irregular that is easy to apply to your garden
This Cinderblock garden bed looks neat and can be made rather high because it is very suitable for the growth of your vegetables

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Besides creativity, patience is also needed to take care of plants in the garden. You no longer need to always buy vegetables because you can directly take them from your own garden. Healthy, fresh, and nutritious! We will also get fresher vegetables for consumption. After being tired of activities, the aroma of leaves, vegetables, and flowers in the garden will make our minds refreshed. Hopefully, the picture above can provide inspiration in gardening.

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