You will find the ideas for everything you need here either for cushions, cooking utensils, or toys. This page will give you a ton of inspiration on how to store your outdoor essentials. Keep scrolling down and read all the ideas on Keep At Reach DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas For Everything You Want To Store.

Backyard Toy Storage Shelf

Who says that toys storage only available in your kid’s room? here is the proof that toy storage can be outside even the garage. It has lips on the shelves that offer a great place to store anything that might roll away such as balls or trucks. The materials you need are tape measure, speed square, wood glue, pocket hole jig, pocket hole screws, wood screws, miter saw, sander, drill, right angle drill, brad nailer, and brad nails.

Outdoor Storage Box And Bench

Outdoor storage box and bench - copy Keep At Reach DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas For Everything You Want To Store


This outdoor storage box and bench offers you extra advantages where the inside is perfect for storage while the outside is elevated with trim as a piece of nice furniture. Moreover, the top can be used wither as a bench to sit or as a coffee table.

Bike Storage Shed

Due to anything we do from home, people now are obsessed to have a bike for sport. Besides, when your home has a lot of bikes, scooters, trikes, and other ride-on toys, you will need more space as storage. Therefore, here we show your bike storage shed as a perfect solution to this issue. You will see your kid will love that their bikes and scooters have a place to park.

Outdoor Crate Coffee Table

This coffee table is made of four crates that are arranged in an interesting configuration. In each crate gives you a smart place to tuck something away. While wheels there are attached to the bottom so you can easily move it wherever you want. The supplies needed for this project are 4 unfinished wood crates, plywood, 4 caster wheels, wood screws for wheels, paint and primer, wood glue, paintbrushes, sanding block, a screwdriver or cordless drill, and a saw.

Storage In Rolling Outdoor Island

If you love to have a grill, it will be good if you building and outdoor BBQ island because it will not only give you a place to prep while you are cooking but also give some additional storage for grill tools and cooking items as well. It will serve you how handy it is to have all items in their own place while you’re cooking outdoors.



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