These DIY placemat ideas will help you have a stylish detail on your table setting. Moreover, you do not need to be worry to mix up your table setting and try new things to refresh your table presentation. All the ideas are collected on DIY Winsome Placemats For The Perfect Table Setting Presentation.

Outdoor Placemats With Pockets

If you have a picnic just on the outdoor of your house, it is charming if you have placemats. These outdoor placemats are durable, wipeable, and washable. To create this placemat, you will need oilcloth for the basic composition, oilcloth for the pocket, cotton fabric for the back of the placemats, Teflon foot for the sewing machine, glue stick, binding clips, pins, piking blade, ruler, and template for the pocket.

Dip Dyed Effect Placemat

Dip dyed effect placemat DIY Winsome Placemats For The Perfect Table Setting Presentation


This placemat is definitely perfect for your dining room table on any occasion, even a wedding reception or outdoor event. Your table placemat with this idea will look really great and unique. The materials needed for this project are heavyweight linen fabric, fabric dye, soda ash and salt, a plastic tub, two plastic cups, two wood craft sticks, a plastic spoon, and a measuring spoon.

Tiled Placemats

This gorgeous placemat from unexpected material is so interesting. When you know how to make this placemat, you will love to create in any size for any shape you want like to put on your glass of coffee or a sandwich plate. The material you needed are white hexagon stone mosaic tile sheets, 1 x felt rectangle for each placemat and a smaller one for each coaster, 1 x plywood rectangle for each placemat, strong wood adhesive, scissors, a kraft knife a scalpel, a tube of fix and grout in white, squares of cardboard, metallic tile paint, and paintbrush.

Wooden Placemats

This wooden placemat looks luxurious because it is thicker than any other placemat. To create this one, you will need cutting edge craft stencil, one common board, white chalk paint, acrylic paint in two colors, a paint roller, painter’s tape, measuring tape, and a pencil.

Pinwheel Placemats With Color

This pinwheel placemat with a color where it feels more informal, so it will work well on a kitchen table or for more informal gathering just like a brunch. Besides, if you love the bright pops of color in your décor, you may consider painting on rich pastels to refresh the look. The materials you need only placemats, paint, tape, and brush.

Confetti Placemat

This festive confetti placemat is fun to make and work well with your children. It is not only stunning but is also bright and wipeable. Besides, this also great for your New Year’s placemat. The materials you needed are clear vinyl from the fabric store, confetti, sewing machine and thread, Teflon sewing foot, and scissors.



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