Having lots of old wine bottles? Don’t be in hurried to throw it away since you can utilize it for some benefits. The utilization itself is really varied and if you can decorate it well, you can have such a valuable ornament, home accessories, and other functional things from your old unused wine bottles. The other interesting thing about it is that you can adjust the bottle decoration based on your home decoration style. Whether it is a modern, rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, and more. What you have to do is just finding the right materials to meet the design style you want to have.

Recoloring or repainting is the common way that you can do for your glass wine bottle treatment. However, you can also cover it with rope, fabric, or paper. The other idea that you can choose is by decorating the bottle by using the knick-knack, ribbon, beads, etc. For the utilization, it can be used for the ornament by simply put it to the spot you want. Or, you can use it as the vase, lighting, planter, candle holder, and more. We have some awesome ideas that you can adapt easily with some explanation to give you brighter ideas. Enjoy!

Try making a flower vase from a wine bottle to make it look more attractive but still in an easy and low cost way. You can paint wine bottles in different geometric patterns to make it look even more creative. Using black and white paint will create a beautiful monochromatic look. Wine Bottle Vase from Usefuldiyprojects.

Utilizing used wine bottles for decorating ideas in your home is a very creative idea. Pasting book pages and maps all over the surface of the bottle to decorate it will make it look better and bring out its own charm. Then you can use it for a flower vase and place it on the table so that it looks stunning. Wine Bottle Vases from Diyjoy.

The cut old wine bottle used to create a vertical garden will present a creative look. You can use them for planting then string them together using bent metal. Mounting it on the ceiling to the floor will make it look creative and very attractive. Vertical Wine Bottle Garden from Diyjoy.

Lighting is one of the things that can affect your decor. Using a wine bottle to make a chandelier will make it look very creative. Try using different colored lights so it will make it look more festive and brighter. Hanging Lamps from Diyjoy.

Making wine bottle crafts to complement your home decor is an interesting idea. Covering the entire surface of the wine bottle with hemp rope will make it look even better with a rustic look. Adding floral accents to adorn it will make it look absolutely stunning. Decorative Wine Bottle from Diyjoy.

Wall lighting will enhance your décor so that your walls will stand out more. You can DIY a lamp made from wine bottles and pipes in your home, saving money. Then mount it on the wall so it gives a creative look and can be the perfect focal point. Wall Lighting from Homesthetics.

Using wine bottle for DIY projects can be a lot of fun. You can use wooden planks and wine bottles to make a chandelier in your home. then you can install it in the kitchen so that it will provide the perfect lighting and make your work easier. Wooden Board and Wine Bottle Lamps from Diynetwork.

Using a few bottles of wine to make a chandelier is an interesting idea. The first thing you have to do is slice the bottle then put the lamp in the bottle. Then you can string it on the wooden planks and mount it on the ceiling so that it becomes a chandelier that looks amazing. Wine Bottle Chandelier from Medium.

Wall art is an ornament that can make your walls look more prominent and less boring. You can use old wine bottles and flowers to create wall art. Install the wine bottle on the wall using a hook then fill the bottle with faux flower so that it looks stunning. Wine Bottle Wall Art from Medium.

You can use the wine bottle to make a centerpiece on your table. Cutting the bottom of the bottle and sticking the candle in it is a creative way. Then you can place it on the table so that it becomes a centerpiece and provides lighting at the same time. Wine Bottle Candle Holder from Medium.

Making DIY wine bottle crafts to complement your décor will save money and look more creative. You can decorate a wine bottle with string all over the surface. Then fill one of the bottles with sand and flowers so that it looks really beautiful. DIY Decorative Wine Bottle from Medium.

Using old wine bottles to make your garden more attractive is a perfect idea. You can cut off the bottom of a wine bottle and use it as a garden medium. Then hang it on a tree or ceiling so it looks better and can inspire. Hanging Old Wine Bottle Planter from Youandkids.

The centerpiece is one of the ornaments that can affect your table decoration so that it looks perfect. Using a wine bottle to make a centerpiece is a creative idea. You can cut wine bottles and use them as an indoor sequin garden medium. Then placing it on the table will create a centerpiece that looks beautiful and refreshing. Wine Bottle Centerpiece from Youandkids.

Bottle craft is an interesting project to complement the decoration in your home. You can make lighting out of used wine bottles by inserting string lights into the wine bottles. Then placing them lined up on the table will give you a light that looks beautiful and stunning. DIY Wine Bottle Lighting from Youandkids.

Complementing your home decor with a DIY project will give your home a creative look. You can DIY a coffee table at home which will save you even more money. Using wooden planks and a wine bottle as the leg of the coffee table will give it a very attractive look. Adding a flower arrangement in the bottle hole will make your coffee table look perfect. Wine Bottle Coffee Table from Youandkids.

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