There exist several causes of hemorrhoids. The common cause of the problem is excessive strain on the anal and lower rectum regions. Besides this, we have hemorrhoids developing internally and others externally. Consequently, some might turn painful and itch while others are painless. Whether they develop internally or externally, you need to manage the issue before it worsens.

When you develop such a problem, the first remedy you get administered is simple. A physician will get you through the correct sitting postures. They go to the extent of advising you to have a special Office Chair for Hemorrhoids to prevent them from worsening. This will reduce the discomfort you get while performing your routine activities. Get it clear the best way to sit comfortably when you develop this condition. 

Ensure You Sit on a Firm Chair

Hemorrhoids can lead you into a lot of discomforts if you avoid the expert’s advice on proper sitting postures. The condition itself develops mainly due to a lot of strain and pressure on the veins around the anus. Therefore, you need something that won’t press you hard. 

Employing chairs with soft cushioning is a top means of curbing this problem. The softness shall reduce the pressure exerted on these areas, allowing continuous blood passage to other body parts. If you need to use your regular chair, don’t just throw the butts on it. Get a cushion and use it to relieve those extreme pressures. 

 Maintain the Legs Elevated While Sitting

Another critical idea to curb such a problem is elevating the legs on several occasions while sitting. Remember, the idea here is to reduce the pressure exerted on the lower part of the rectum.

You can employ several tools to elevate the legs. For instance, a footstool works perfectly here. Use anything that resembles even a small tree stump that will perform this function. Elevation of the legs relieves pressure exerted on the hips to provide you comfort while conducting your duties.

Elevate the Thighs

If you find elevating the legs tricky-some or inconvenient, you can try the thighs. Here, you aren’t going to employ a footstool or anything hard. A rolled towel, for instance, can work correctly for this case. Likewise, you can get a pillow to use under the thighs. 

Elevating the thighs is an excellent methodology to relieve excessive pressure in the anal region. Such methods will help enjoy maximum comfort while performing duties. Consequently, relieving stress prevents aggravation of this condition. 

Consider Stretching or Taking a Walk

A top cause of this condition is the long periods we spend on our chairs. Excessive pressure in the lower body regions leads to the accumulation of blood that later forms clots. Lucky people without the condition should mind this to prevent them from developing in the coming days. 

So, avoiding long sitting sessions comes in as a solution to this problem. It’s essential you take breaks between your working sessions. Spend at most half an hour on a chair cut between for about five minutes. In this resting period, do some stretching or have a short walk around your office. A break between sessions reduces fatigue to ensure there is sufficient and continuous circulation taking place. Consequently, this is a means of relieving pressure as well as relaxing the muscles. 

Try Squatting

When we discuss sitting, we don’t necessarily mean doing it on chairs. You can sit on the toilet or the floor for such a case. All these instances and many more can lead to such illnesses. 

The hemorrhoids problem can also arise when experiencing bowel movements. During this time, the veins in the surrounding areas will take up pressure that makes them swell. This, after that, causes the formation of blood pockets we refer to as piles or hemorrhoids. 

 You can reduce this problem by employing the squatting position, especially when in the toilet. This reduces pressure and strain on the lower rectum. You won’t strain anymore. Moreover, relieving stress in the lower region facilitates the movement of the bowels. 

Things that Can Aggravate Hemorrhoids

As an ill-health condition, there is a need to curb hemorrhoids from developing further. Most people ignore this problem, and they end up triggering it into the worst situations. Watch out for some of the few things below you should avoid once you develop hemorrhoids. 

Avoid Prolonged Sitting Sessions

Either watching your favorite program or working in an office, give yourself a sufficient break. Long sitting sessions put you under a lot of pressure that can cause such problems to worsen. 

Do Away With Heavy Lifting

People involved in heavy lifting in their routines have higher chances of worsening their hemorrhoid conditions. Involving yourself in heavy lifting in a gym also contributes a lot here. Avoid such activities to relieve your hemorrhoid from pressures that aggravate it.

Watch Your Hygiene

High temperatures and humidity in the anal area can worsen the itching in that region. The situation can worsen if you don’t focus more on your general hygiene. For hygiene purposes, consider bathing at least once every day. 


Hemorrhoid is a stressful health condition. However, you can manage it in several ways. Proper sitting postures as well as maintaining proper hygiene are vital solutions to this problem. When sitting, ensure you release all forms of pressure you exert in the lower rectum as well as the anal region. That way, you will pave the way for sufficient circulation of blood to prevent aggravating the problem.


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