Need something new to your wall ideas? Here we have some ideas where teenagers also can join to do the project. All the wall paint ideas are rounded up in Appealing DIY Ideas To Paint On Blank Wall Where Teenage Can Do.

Use The Chalkboard Wall

Use the chalkboard wall Appealing DIY Ideas To Paint On Blank Wall Where Teenage Can Do


If you are bored with the ordinary wall, you may try to use chalkboard paint to create an extraordinary accent wall. You choose your own style what will you paint on the chalkboard. If this, she painted a gorgeous flower on the wall that definitely creates a statement.

Pink Ombre Wall

Pink ombre wall Appealing DIY Ideas To Paint On Blank Wall Where Teenage Can Do


This idea is perfect for you who are looking for a DIY idea of wall décor or wall paint. This idea is pretty perfect to be applied in a teenage bedroom or any room in the house that needs an awesome highlight. This ombre wall is so creative and easy to copy.

Wall With Paint Pens

This gorgeous wall idea is done with only paint pens. It is yes unbelievable idea yet true. The supplies you need to create this wall idea are scrap cardboard, painter’s tape, thick white paint pen, X-Acto knife, and pushpins to hold template on the wall.

Handwriting Statement Wall

The handwriting statement wall is so much fun to create by yourself at home. It offers texture and icon to even your small bedroom and makes it cozier. Before painting the handwriting statement wall, stat to tape lines about 2-3 feet apart from all the way up the wall. This step is ensuring that the words will not get too slanted event though we stand for an imperfect look close to a natural look. After that, use a pencil to write before any paint go on. Meanwhile, if you are nervous about your handwriting, you may use a projector as a guide. For the paint, you may use the regular latex wall paint.

Mountain Mural Bedroom Makeover

To create this mountain mural bedroom, start to compose a scaled drawing in your bedroom wall. After that, add the square foot grid over the drawing which is transferred onto the wall using string. Then you may pencil in the drawing square by square. The painted first step is on the solid white (the top one) and charcoal (bottom). Last, blend the remaining middle colors to get a gradual gradation from light to dark carefully.

DIY Drippy Wall

To create this DIY drippy wall you will need a variety of paint colors, a different 20ml syringe for each color, masking tape, drop sheets, and paper to protect your floors. Start carefully placing the syringe as close to the cornice as possible and slowly pushing the paint out. Then, keeping the lines dense and long on the one end while making them gradually more sparse and shorter toward the other end of the wall at the same time. Thus, some of the lines run perfectly straight down meanwhile others have a mind of their own and go off in their own direction. Do you agree that this is so captivating? I said yes.

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