Yarn is related to knitting and weaving. But, not everyone is able to handle this crochet needle. If you are one of those who don’t want to knit, you still have a chance to use yarn. There are many possible ways to create DIY things from yarn. Furthermore, it will be much easier than crocheting that time-consuming. In this article, we have simple and easy DIY yarn projects that you and your kids can make at home. Check out further and get more inspiration.

DIY Love Yarn Letters

Diy love yarn letters


This DIY project will make your valentine’s day more fun. Look at the letters that fill this space and create an eye-catching look in the nook. Make the letters from cardstocks. Then, wrap them out with yarns. To snuggle all the yarn, you need to apply hot glue before wrapping. Cool, huh?

DIY Cross-Stitched Yarn Frame

Buy a board with holes, or you can make the holes with a drill. Then, take colorful yarn to make a cross-stitched frame. The last, attach your photo frame to the center of it. Feel free to customize the colors as you like. It will be great to give this frame as a gift.

DIY Paper Plate Yarn Boat

Making this craft with your kids will keep them busy when the weather is cold outside. Make some holes on the paper plate. Paint it with any color you like. Attach some accessories like sun, star, or soon. Then, tie yarn on the paper plate.

DIY Yarn Valentine’s Light

You are free to use these lights for other days. Use heart-shaped balloons, glue, and wrap them with red and pink yarn. Then, add LED lights on the yarn one by one. Switch them up when needed. Then, see how beautiful those lights are in your room.

DIY Balloon Yarn Snowman

Bring a snowman inside this way. Blow up two balloons. Then, glue and warp with white yarn. Attach them to each other. Add accessories like buttons, ties, and hats. Put this snowman under the Christmas tree with other ornaments.

DIY Yarn Wall Art

What cool wall art, isn’t it? Make this craft by drawing the patterns on paper. Then, tie the yarn around the wire inside the frame by following its patterns as seen on the paper. This project doesn’t need any tools. Just make sure, you do it tidily. You may need several minutes to finish this craft. Put the wall art on the kids’ room wall.

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