Summer will show you a bright day with sunrise almost anywhere. One of the summer pieces like a hat should be in your wardrobe. But, look at your hat that so old and ugly. You should do some tricks to make it brand new. So, you don’t have to buy a new hat. There are many ways to improve your hat appearance. Adding some personal touches might a great idea. See our lists below!

With a Leather Butterfly

With a leather butterfly

You don’t want to throw this expensive felt hat, do you? Instead of saving it in your wardrobe, it will be better for you to add a simple personal touch. Look at this picture with a leather butterfly on the side of the hat. It is so cute and attractive.

Upgrade With Stamps

Upgrade with stamps

Feel free to customize the picture. This hat looks more attractive because of the stamps. The creator uses bottle caps to get this amazing look. With this pretty easy idea, a DIY newbie can do it in less than an hour.

Add Extra Fabric

Add extra fabric

This trucker hat look so masculine firstly. Kate, the creator, applies new fabric to upgrade its look. She chooses floral pattern to give a more feminine look. You are free to add other fabric patterns to show your personal touch.

Add More Accessories

Add more accessories

You may add a rock style piece for your lovely hat. In this picture, the creator applies a chain and button to upgrade this simple hat. The one who loves rock style will adore this hat. What do you think about this hat?

Hat With Gems

Hat with gems

Make your hats sparkle by adding some gems. There are various ways to customize the patterns. In this picture the creator uses gems to create flower patterns that will shine at night and day. Just make sure that you are creative enough to customize the patterns.

Donuts Floppy Hat
Donut floppy hat

Well, pay attention carefully. It is not a donut but a floppy hat. This summer, you will bring this kind of hat to go outside. Further, if you want to go to a beach, you need this hat. Imagine how happy your summer day with this cute floppy hat.

Embroidered Flower on A Hat

Embroidered flower on a hat

It looks so beautiful, doesn’t it? The black felt hat with embroiders floral detailing makes it goes to the next level. Even the brown belt also makes it more elegant.

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