Winter gives us a cold atmosphere all night and day. Due to the low temperature, you might wear gloves, beanies, coats, scarves, and other winter accessories every day. After wearing them, store your stuff in storage. It will keep your room tidy and clean. Have you prepared your winter storage? In this article, we have collected creative DIY storage that you can copy for your mood room or any space in your home. Let us check them out further below!

Entry Way Storage With Painted Cans

Entry way storage with painted cans


What a cool idea! You can repurpose some old cans to save your winter gear. In this picture we see, the creator has more cans on the wall. First of all, you need to paint the cans. After those are dried, attach them to the wall by using nails. Then, put on your bags, beanie, or others on the can.

An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

Hang a shoe organizer on the door to save your room space. Well, it can be used for storing your gloves, beanies, and scarves as well. Furthermore, this organizer is easy to find and cheap. There are 24 pockets that you can use to store your things.

Winter Mitten Storage Clothes Pin Line

You will need more clothespins to make this super creative DIY storage. You might have more couples of gloves in your storage and wear them every day in winter. To make them dry after wearing, this organizer will help you so much. So, you can wear your gloves again after drying.

DIY Easy Hat Display

There no more space in the hanging organizer? You can add a table or bench underneath and put on some candlesticks. Then, save your beanies or scarves on there. You will easily find them when you want to go out. This DIY storage is super easy, right?

Hanging Cubbies For Winter Gear

If you have a rod in your closet, you use it to make simple winter storage. Hang your organizer on the rod. Put your new storage on the nook or any space in your mood room. See! You have got the solution to store your winter gear easily.

Long Metal Nails Storage

Hammer some nails vertically on the wall. Put on your hats on each nail. Displaying your hats on the wall will also improve your winter decor. This project can be done easily even for a DIY newbie. Feel free to hang your scarves, bags, or coats as well.

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