Winter gives us a cold atmosphere all night and day. Due to the low temperature, you might wear gloves, sock, beanies, coats, scarves, and other winter accessories every day. After wearing them, store your stuff in storage. It will keep your room tidy and clean. Have you prepared your winter storage? In this article, we have collected creative DIY storage that you can copy for your mood room or any space in your home. Let us check them out further below!

 Coat Hook

This DIY coat hook is made using wooden material so it will present a rustic look. Having multiple hooks will allow it to hold more coats. You can attach this coat hook at the entryway so it can work properly. Rustic Coat Hook from @crowbarcraftsman.

Coat hooks are a great storage idea for winter. Made using wooden block material which is painted in gray color will make it look attractive. Equipped with several hooks will make it can be used to hang several coats at once. Wooden Block Coat Hook from @kilzbrand.

Using natural wood to make a coat hook will present a natural look that looks attractive. Equipped with a shelf above it, it will make this coat hook more multifunctional. Displaying it on the wall will be easier to access. Natural Wooden Coat Hook from @dickys_wood.

Shoe Organizer

Cool idea! This shoe storage is made with a DIY project using metal and wooden materials so that it will present an industrial look. Mounting on the wall makes it very easy to access and doesn’t take up much floor space. Floating Shoes Rack from @thriftfortravel_.

This shoe storage is made with a DIY project using metal and wooden materials so that it will look attractive. Having a design like a bench will make it look different than usual. Here you can store your shoes on the bench and underneath so they will look neat. Bench Shoes Organization from @patrickb_dmv.

Simple but perfect! This shoe storage is made using a wooden crate so that it will present an attractive and different appearance than usual. This wooden crate shoe storage idea is quite easy to make but still works perfectly. Wooden Crate Shoes Organization from @barnhousemomma.

Winter Mitten Storage

This mitten storage idea is made for old kitchen storage so it will look different than usual. Mounted on the back door will make it easier to access without taking up a lot of floor space. This storage idea is simple but still looks perfect. Back Door Mitten Storage from @chrisplentus.

Creative and inspiring. This winter mitten storage idea is made using an old photo frame so it will look unique. Equipped with many hooks will allow it to accommodate many mittens. Finally you can display it on the table so that it is easier to access. Old Photo Frame Mitten Storage from @thesilverflapper.

Making DIY mitten storage ideas is a creative idea that can be tried. Here you can create a chunky basket to make this basketball storage so that it will look different than usual. Then you can hang it on a standing coat rack so it’s simpler. Chunky Basket Mitten Storage from @handmadeonthehomestead.

DIY Easy Hat Storage

This hat rack is made using wooden logs so it will present the perfect rustic look. Mounted on the wall will make it a practical and easy to access storage. Here you can install two hat racks at once so that it can accommodate more hats. Wooden Log Hat Storage from @thefrithtastic4.

Using wall space for winter storage ideas is the perfect idea. You can install a wooden hat rack on the wall so that it will be more practical and easy to access. Made using wood will make it able to present an aesthetic appearance. Wooden Rack Hat Storage from @skotyjames.

Winter Sock Storage

If you have a collection of socks, make them tidier. Here you can create sock storage using a pipe so that it will look more unique. Then you can mount it on the wall so it can hold more socks. Pipe Sock Storage from @ashley.dostie.

This sock storage idea uses a wooden drawer so it’s more simple and practical. Here you can make DIY partitions using cardboard and put them in the drawer. Then you can use it to store socks so it will look more organized and neat. Drawer Sock Storage from @simplisort.

Scarf Storage

You’ll need more clothespins to make this super creative DIY storage. You may have more scarves in your storage and wear them every day in winter. To make it dry after use, this organizer will really help you. So you can wear the scarf again after it dries. Clothes Pin Scarf Storage from @simrexa.

This scarf storage idea is quite unique and interesting. Made using an old hanger will make it look more aesthetic. Equipped with a mini hoop will allow him to store more scarves. Finally, you can display it by hanging it to make it more simple and easy to access. Hanger Scarf Storage from @epagov.

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