A STEM challenge involving a cool paper airplanes is a great approach to help educate your children about science, technology, engineering, and math while also helping them develop their minds and make connections through problem-solving. 


There are an infinite number of folded paper airplane designs, but the Dart, the most well-known form, is covered on this page. 

The World Record Paper Airplane, written by John Collins, describes his winning paper airplane, Suzanne. It details how to fold a distance champion paper airplane. 

The Paper Airplane Guy’s aircraft flew slower with far wider, gliding wings than all the prior record-breaking aircraft, which had very fast flying narrow wings.


We examined paper airplanes this week. A standard piece of paper or any rectangular piece of paper will do to build this paper airplane model known as a dart. The paper pieces for each child should all be the same size if you’re going to undertake a challenge later.

To create a good crease, fold the paper in half. Open up the paper. 

  1. Beginning in the center of the paper, fold two triangles. 
  2. On both sides of the paper, fold smaller triangles starting at the bottom. 
  3. Fold the excess paper up from the bottom. 
  4. Create a diamond by folding it upward. 
  5. Turn the paper over, then fold two points inward. 
  6. Reduce by half. 
  7. Using the half-pieces that have been folded, fold the paper airplane’s wings. 
  8. Fold the tail and partially unfold the plane’s center section. (I would make it stick together by adding a tiny bit of tape or glue in the middle.) 
  9. You’ve created an excellent thing.

The Paper Airplane Challenge: Instructions 

Target Paper Plane Challenge 

The objective of the first challenge is accuracy. The cargo paper aircraft must show they can successfully fly through a target. 

Ten feet from the doorway you’ll be using as the target, trace a line on the floor with tape. 

A quarter down from the top of the doorway, stretch a piece of tape across like the opening. 

Children will throw paper airplanes at the tape to avoid running into a wall. 

The one who is most accurate with the heaviest plane wins the competition.

Challenge of the Paper Plane Distance 

The objective of the second challenge is flying distance. Only that the paper airplanes remain within the borders you set is crucial in terms of accuracy. 

Mark a starting line on the ground or floor with tape. 

Depending on your surroundings, decide what is “in boundaries.” 

The paper aircraft are all weighed initially, and competitors take turns throwing them a certain distance. 

If more than one round is played, indicate the locations where the paper planes landed using a marker. 

The participant who successfully launched their paper airplane the farthest will win the contest.

What is the ideal paper airplane fold? 

The good news is that everyone can fold a paper airplane without requiring special paper or abilities. A regular paper can be used, but for best results, follow the folding instructions strictly. Folds should be symmetrical from one side of the airplane and be made with sharp creases.

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