To let you really enjoy your summertime, there are some things that your should prepare. You can do that by having some DIY summer projects. Those things will help you to deal with the weather where during summer, the sun will shine stronger. Here, you should make yourself comfortable with the outfit and everything that you wear so that you won’t be annoyed with the hot weather. At the same time, you should also be able to provide the summer touches to the stuff to keep you update with the season trend. Additionally, it will be really great to have the summer touches outfit, right? Go down for 10 essential things that you should prepare for summer. Enjoy!


A hat is one of the accessories that is suitable for summer use. You can do a DIY project to make a summer hat to make it look fancier. If you have a plain summer hat, try painting it in some bright colors so it will look perfect in summer. Rainbow Summer Hat from Hellowonderful.

DIY Summer Bag

Doing a DIY Project for Bag making is an interesting idea. You can make a bag using fabric by sewing it. Then you can add pink tassels and beaded decorations so it will look more attractive in summer. DIY Tassel Bag from Diyprojectsforteens.

DIY Flip Flop

Try your hand at making a DIY flip flop to complement your summer style. First, you have to do is prepare tools such as buttons, flip flops, and others. Then you can start putting colorful buttons on the flip flop so that it will look brighter and suitable for summer style. DIY Buttons Flip Flop from Wonderfuldiy.

DIY Sunglasses

Sunglass is one of the accessories that you must have in the summer. You can do DIY projects to make your sunglass look more attractive. Try to attach faux sunflowers to the sunglass frame so it will look perfect for your summer style. Faux Sunflower Sunglass from Diys.

DIY Coastal Necklace

You can do DIY projects to complement your summer style. The necklace is one of the accessories that you can make yourself at home. Try making a necklace using a seashell so it will give you the perfect coastal touch. Seashell Necklace from Styleoholic.

DIY Summer Theme Face Mask

Using a mask to complement your summer style is the right choice. You can make DIY masks using fabric by sewing. Choose fruit patterned fabrics to make your DIY mask so it matches the summer vibes. DIY Summer Theme Face Mask from Thecraftpatchblog.

DIY Headband

To complete your summer style, try doing DIY accessories-making projects. Try making a headband using fabric by sewing it so it’s cheaper. Choosing a strawberry pattern for a headband is the right choice because it will make you look cute in the summer. Strawberry Headband from Diys.

DIY Summer Earring

Making DIY earrings is an interesting idea to complement your summer style. DIY pineapple earring is a great choice for summer accessories. You can make pineapple earrings using crochet yarn so they will look beautiful and creative. Pineapple Earring from Crochetme.

DIY Flat Shoes

Doing a DIY project to complement your summer style is a great way to express your creativity. You can make your flat shoes summer-themed by painting them. Painting the flat shoes in red and green then adding black dots will give your flat shoes a watermelon motif and are perfect for summer. Watermelon Flat Shoes from Claireabellemakes.

DIY Summer Outfit

Lemon is one that is synonymous with summer. Creating a lemon print T-shirt never fails and makes your summer look even more perfect. You can make a lemon t-shirt by painting the front part of the shirt so that it will look attractive in an easy way. Lemon T-shirt from Aliceandlois.

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