The pajama pants project below is pretty easy to try, especially for you as a beginner sewist. Here, you will use your own measurements or a pair of pajama pants you love so you can get the fit just right at any day. Besides, you also will be able to make a pair of pants that are comfortable around the waist and are just the length you want. It is common for us to do DIY clothes these days. All ideas are collected in An Hour Or Two Pajama Pants Project For Beginner Sewist.

Drawstring Pants

Drawstring pants An Hour Or Two Pajama Pants Project For Beginner Sewist


This is a comfortable pair of drawstring pants and the simplest pieces of clothing you can sew. The materials of this project are drawstring pants template, fabric and sewing shears, clear tape, 2 yards, iron, sewing machine, machine needles, coordinating thread, 1-yard twill tape, and large safety pin.

Lounge Pants With Pockets

Lounge pants with pockets An Hour Or Two Pajama Pants Project For Beginner Sewist


These pants present with pockets that feature an elastic waistband and ankle cuffs. The materials you need for this project are 1 yard  60’’ wide fabric, matching thread, drawstring, and 1” wide elastic.

Comfy Knit Lounge Pants

The comfy knit lounge pants are made out of soft knit fabric, a yoga waistband, snd cuffs. The result of this pants project is so lovely. You will not feel like a complete frump when you are wearing in all morning

Basic Yoga Pants

Pajama pants are actually called yoga pants. Besides, they are also comfortable enough to sleep in or lounge around the house. The supplies you need are 1,5-2 yards of mod basic solids, knit 953 organic cotton and 5% spandex, 1’’ elastic, 2 eyelets or sew buttonholes, and t-shirt yarn.

Vintage Sheet Pajama Pants

Look at these gorgeous vintage sheet pajama pants. It looks funny when you can create exactly the same pajama pants for your daughters  You can whip up in an afternoon with these pajama pants.

Shirred Voile Pajama Pants

This pajama pants pattern features an elastic waist with shirring in the back and a decorative tie in the front to create both comfortable and pretty. Anyway, a voice can be used for an extra soft touch but the pattern will also work with cotton fabric. The materials you need are 2,5 yards of fabric, ½ yard contrast fabric for the waistband and binding on hem, thread, elastic thread, elastic, a small scrap of fusible interfacing, ribbon for the faux tie, and pair of well-fitting pajama pants.

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