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Homemade Items That You Can Incorporate with Essential Oils

Essential oils are something that you can find easily at a store. You don’t have to spend much money to buy them. They are cheap. With pretty benefits, you will need them for your home. They are great for the home smell. We will inhale aromatherapy to peace our minds and soul. However, we can find other benefits for ourselves. In this article, we have collected a DIY project with essential oils that will change your life. Check out and get more inspiration!

DIY Essential Oil Lip Balm

Diy essential oil lip balm


If you want to care for your lips, apply lip balm. It will be much better to make it by hand. You will need coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils, and a container. Check out here to see the tutorials step by step. We believe you can do this project in less than an hour.

Essential Oil DIY Breath Mints

Awesome! Even you can make your breath mints. Cool, huh? You will need gum paste, food coloring, essential oils, and powdered sugar. Make them as many as possible. See the tutorials here, and make DIY breath mints in your version.

Bath Salts Made with Essential Oils

taking a bath in a hot bath filled with bath salts is relaxing. What about you can do it anytime? Don’t you want it? Make DIY bath salts with essential oils. Prepare coarse sea salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, essential oil, soap coloring, flower petals, and bottles or jars. Check out how to make bath salts from Youngliving.

Homemade Dusting Spray

We will need a non-toxic dusting spray every day. It will be nice if we can make it by hand. We will need vinegar, fractioned coconut oil, water, and essential oils. Let us see the tutorials here. Use it to remove dust on any furniture in your rooms.

Facial Toner Pads DIY

You are the one who knows your skin very well. Making DIY facial toner pads by hand is what you need. It is not a tricky project. You will need essential oils, vitamin E oil, water, witch hazel, cotton face pads, and a glass measuring cup. Then, follow the instruction here.

Natural Bug Spray with Essential Oils

Using chemical bug sprays may cause health problems later on. Using essential oils to remove bugs is much better. Add water and witch hazel. These non-toxic ingredients will free your room from bugs and keep you healthy. So, why don’t you create this project as soon as possible?



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