Let’s keep our lovely earth. There are thousands of plastics elsewhere. Those will hurt it. We can recycle them, but those are not the only keys. We should focus on reducing the use of plastics in our daily life. What about creating zero-waste products that will save our life? We can make it at home and make this world safer. Check out our list below! We have gathered DIY zero-waste products that are easy to copy. Make them soon and help our earth!

DIY Bread Bag

Diy bread bag


if you want to buy bread, don’t forget to bring a bag. Well. Instead of using a plastic bread bag, it will be better to make a zero-waste one by hand. You can use an old towel, scarf, or pillowcase. You will need a cord, a sewing machine, and scissors.

Zero-Waste Bowl Cover DIY

We might have been using plastic to cover bowls. Now, it is time to change our daily life with zero-waste things. Start by making a DIY bowl cover using fabric materials. You will need laminate fabric, elastic, double-fold bias tape, and sewing supplies. See the tutorials here.

Homemade Zero-Waste Produce Bag

Get rid of plastics in your daily life. Look at this bag! You can make it by hand with ease. You will need cotton ribbon, satin ribbon, and white cotton voile fabric. See the tutorials here and start making it in your version. It will be eco-friendlier and cheaper.

DIY Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Plastic wraps are hard to recycle. They are harmful to the environment. Instead of using plastic wraps, we can use another alternative material. We can make it at home. Prepare cotton fabric scraps, pinking shears, beeswax pellets, parchment paper, tape, and iron. Follow the instructions step by step here. This way will reduce the use of plastics in everyday life.

Zero-Waste Sandwich Bags

You will need fabric, waterproof fabric, Velcro, and a sewing machine. This bag can carry sandwiches with safe. Moreover, it is reusable for other days. Check out the tutorials from Ginadwagner and make a sandwich bag in your style.

Reusable Snack Bags

You can DIY snack bags from cotton fabric scraps. You will need other supplies like polyester thread, non-adhesive Velcro, wonder tape, and a heavy-duty machine needle. Make as many snack bags as possible. Use it to save your snacks. Oh, you can sell them and earn money. What do you think?


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