Spring is the right time to get more creative. You can use your creativity to decorate your home. The idea is wide and the materials that can be used are varied. Even, you can utilize materials around your home. If you’re looking for some unique ways to decorate your home for spring, you can use drinking straws as your craft supplies. These craft materials are easy to find. They come in a variety of eye-catching colors. So, this is very suitable for your spring craft needs. I’m sure this thing is almost every home. In addition to your drinking needs, you can be creative with this item. You can make unique things with it.

Colorful drinking straw crafts look festive, and they can be made into unique shapes. Some people make these into wreaths and put them on the front door. Some spring garlands can also be made with drinking straw for sure. You can also use drinking straw to make your spring centerpiece ideas. Instead of buying some artificial flowers, use some straw to create your flower arrangements. A flower vase made of colorful straws is another option. Moreover, drinking straws can also be used to create stylish home decor. A colorful lampshade, photo frames, hanging planters, mirror frames, and more. The possibilities are endless! You can make several different types of spring decorations and accessories using drinking straws. Here are some ideas that you can try.

Straw Flower Vases from hative

DIY Paper Straw Easel from hative

DIY Paper Straw Garland from hative

Stars and Stripes Festive Garland from hative

Paper Straw Flags from hative

 DIY Straw Drinking Flower from hative

DIY Straw Drinking Pinwheel from hative

Starbursts Drinking Straws from hative

Drinking Straw Necklace from hative

 DIY Hanging Planter with Straws and Yarn from hative

Octopus Craft Straw Drinking  from hative

Straw Bunting Banner from thecraftyblogstalker

Cactus Decor from thecraftyblogstalker

Colorful Drinking Straw Starburst from thecraftyblogstalker

Blue and Green Lamp Shade from boredart

Coloful Straw Photo Frames from boredart

Colorful Straw Drinking Chandelier from boredart

Straw Drinking Wreath from boredart

Spring Flowers with Straws and Paper Flowers from styletic

Photo Booth Props from styletic

Straw Gift Topper from styletic

Drinking straws and Paper Flowers  from styletic

Hanging Straw Diamond Ornament from wonderfuldiy

 Straw Stars from wonderfuldiy

Straw Cake Toppers from wonderfuldiy

Gold Straw Sunburst Frame from wonderfuldiy

DIY Bunny Straw from inspiredbycharm

DIY Donuts Straw Umbrellas from diycraftsy

Paper Bow Straws Toppers from diycraftsy

Sunshine Straw Toppers from diycraftsy

DIY Octopus Straw Toppers from diycraftsy

DIY Printable Donut Straw Toppers from diycraftsy

Watercolor Monogram Straw Toppers from diycraftsy

Straws Toppers with Flower Coffe Filter from diycraftsy

DIY Letter Straw Cake Toppers from diycraftsy

DIY Fruit Straw Toppers from diycraftsy

Paper Straw Birthday Candle from diycraftsy

Star Paper Straw Toppers from diycraftsy

Straw Drinking Craft with Felt Flower  from diycraftsy

Colorful Straw Drinking Vases from deavita

 DIY Straw Backdrop from ruffledblog

Paper Straw Frames from hative

Paper Straw Garland from wonderfuldiy

Straw Geodesic Dome from wonderfuldiy

Gold Straw pring Centrepieces from blog.birdsparty

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