Straws are really incredible with their colorful patterned look. Also, it has many materials these days that make it possible to be made into varied craft ideas. Trust me that it is really varied. Let’s say that you can make it into a vase or planter decoration for your prettier greenery appearance. Then, you can make it into toys for your kids which will be really fun for them to make it together with you. For the other home decoration needs, you can make some ornament for both the wall ornament, table ornament, or even the hanging ornament. Needs some pieces of jewelry? The straws can give you the possibility to have your own jewelry. Really awesome, right? Get the complete ideas down below!

Using straws to make crafts is an interesting idea to fill your spare time. You can use polka dots straws to make flower vases. Once you have your equipment ready, you can start assembling the straws into a beautiful flower vase. Straw vase from Hative.

Making crafts to complement your home decor is an interesting idea. You can make the photo frame using black and white straws so that it will look unique. Then you can place it on the table so that it will present its own charm in your home. DIY Straw Photo Frame from Hative.

To express your creativity at home, try to make crafts in your spare time. You can use straws to make crafts so they are more affordable. Try making some star ornaments and then arranging them into garlands so that it will enhance your home decor and look more attractive. Star Garland from Hative.

Try to make crafts from straw to fill your spare time at home. You can make an arrow ornament using red and white straws and washi tape. Then you can add a heart ornament at the end as an arrowhead so it will look more perfect. DIY Straw Arrow from Hative.

Complementing your home decor with crafts is an interesting idea so it will look creative. Try making your own crafts at home using straws. You can make snowflakes from the straw and then hang them from the ceiling for an interesting look. Straw Craft from Hative.

Necklace is one of the accessories that can enhance your appearance. Try your DIY project to make a necklace, to express your creativity. You can use colored straws to make a necklace, so that it will look attractive and suitable for your child. Colorful Necklace from Hative.

Using straws to make crafts is a creative idea to fill your spare time. Try to make a photo frame using colorful straws so that it will look festive. Adding a heart accent to the photo frame will make it look even more attractive. DIY Colorful Photo Frame from Boredart.

Doing DIY projects to make crafts is one way to express your creativity. Making a DIY necklace from used shoelaces and straw is an interesting idea. You can green straws and pink shoelaces to make a necklace craft, which gives a lovely contrast. DIY Necklace Craft from Boredart.

Try to make crafts at home using straws to express your creativity. Keychains are the right choice because they are simple and easy to make. You can make a fish keychain using colored straws, so they look great. Fish Keychain from Boredart.

Choosing to do a DIY project to make accessories is a great idea to save money. You can use the straws to make earrings, so they don’t cost a fortune. All you have to do is cut an oblique straw and then string it into a beautiful earring. Beautiful Earring from Boredart.

Tree crafts made of colorful straws look beautiful and very festive. Plugging it into a tube-shaped Styrofoam will make it even more perfect. Then you can place it on the table so that it will present its own charm in your home decor. DIY Straw Tree from Boredart.

Making your own wreath at home is one way to save on decorating costs in your home. Try making a circle wreath using colored straws so it will look really festive. Hanging it on the wall will present its own charm and become a focal point that looks creative. Colorful Straw Wreath from Boredart.

Completing your home decor with a wreath is an idea that will never fail. You can make a wreath using patterned straws which will make them look more attractive. Then you can hang it on the front door and it will be the perfect greeter. Straw Wreath from Boredart.

Garland is one of the ornaments that can complement your home decor. Try garlanding the straws so they look great at a low cost. Then you can stick it on the wall and it will make your wall stand out more. DIY Straw Garland from Thecraftyblogstalker.

Faux Plants are one of the ornaments that can bring a fresh look to your home. You can DIY cactus using green straws so they look real and can give you a refreshing look. Then you can add it in a coffee cup so it will look unique and interesting. Cactus Craft from Thecraftyblogstalker.

Making DIY accessories to complement your style is one very creative idea. You can make a bracelet using the straws so that they look great for a small fee. All you have to do is cut the colorful straws and string them together into a beautiful bracelet. Straw Bracelet from Momtastic.

Making a DIY rocket using paper and straw is an interesting idea that kids love. The first thing you have to do is draw a rocket on a piece of paper and color it and then cut it according to the pattern. After that you can place the straws on the bottom of the rocket so that it looks more perfect. DIY Rocket Craft from Frugalmomeh.

If you have a lot of straw at home, you can use them to make crafts. You can make toys using colored straws so they are not very costly and may be very enjoyable for children. Multi Color Straw Toys from Frugalmomeh.

Doing a DIY project to make toys is an interesting idea to express your creativity. You can make a toy snake using patterned straws for the body. Then you can make the head part using origami paper so that it looks simple and attractive. DIY Snack Toys from Iheartcraftythings.

Try making DIY crafts at home to express your creativity. You can make an octopus ornament for your child so that it will make him happy. Using a straw and paper plate to make octopus is an interesting idea because it doesn’t cost a fortune. DIY Octopus Craft from Hative.


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