We will be so happy to see our little girls and babies look wearing bows on their hair. If their hair accessories are made by our own hand, it will be even more special. It is a pretty easy project to do. Even, you can make it in minutes by closing your eyes. Yes, super easy. Then, the materials are easy to find. It might you already have all the things needed to make a bow in your closet. Let us check out our DIY hair bow ideas below and get more inspiration.

DIY Hairbow With Glitter

Diy hairbow with glitter


Just browse the pattern and from the internet. Then, cut faux leather into the shape chosen. Glue the leather surface and pour with glitter. Let it dry for several hours. Then, tie it up to look like a bow. Attach the bow you have made to an alligator hair clip. Create as much as you want.

Cute Baby Hair Bow

Making this cute baby hair bow isn’t a hard thing to do. Just take a sheet of jersey or ribbon. Make the shape by simple knotting. Then, sew it by hand. Attach the ribbon to an elastic hairband. Now your little baby will look cute with the bow made by you. Feel free to customize the sizes and colors as you needed. Just make sure that it will not too small or too big for your baby girl.

Beautiful Hair Bow

Creating a new hair bow for your little girl is easy and simple. Look at the picture. You can make a similar thing. Take a ribbon or geographic fabric. Then, create a simple knot. Feel free to add a faux butterfly or other things to improve the bow. Cool, huh?

DIY Felt Hair Bow

What do you think of these bows? You are free to choose other colors and patterns for your little girl. Just cut the felt in any size you want. Tie the middle part of the bow using colorful strips. Attach the bow to the hair lip. Now, it is ready.

DIY Candy Wrapper Hair Bows

Making a stylish hair bow for your little girl using a candy wrapper is a great idea. You will save this earth as well. Just crumble the candy wrapper in a bow pattern. Use a big bead in the middle of it. Then, you will get a new hair bow. This easy craft is fun. Ask your kids to make this craft with you on the weekend.


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