Vintage accessories are timeless. You can wear them anytime no matter the season. There are various vintage hair accessories that anyone can wear no wonder the age. It can be in terms of bow clips or wedding hairpieces. You might find hair flower brush and or jeweled hair comb. All of them are easy to make and low budget. Even, you don’t need to spend even 1$ if the materials are already in your closet. Let us check our list below to see inspiring DIY vintage hair ideas below!

Easy DIY Beaded Barrette

Easy diy beaded barette


Do you want to give a summer gift to a girl? This easy beaded barrette can be one of the options. With a vintage feel, this hair accessory will work well for any season. Not just for summer, a girl can wear this anytime she wants. Just arrange the beads on a thread and attach them to a hair clip.

DIY No-sew Turban

Cut your old T-shirt in any size needed. Then, paint it with gold paint in polka dots. Feel free to make other patterns you like such as stars, crescents, or others. This turban looks nice for summer, but you are free to wear it in fall, winter, or even spring.

DIY Easy Fabric Woven Bun

This is a super easy project that a DIY newbie can do in minutes. Take any fabric and wave it around. No matter what the fabric is, the woven bun will never be out of date.  Even, you are free to wear this for going to the office. The style works well for a formal occasion as well.

DIY Knit Hair Bow Pattern

Grab your knitting hooks and some yarn to make a pretty bow pattern. Feel free to choose any color as needed. Grey yarn will create a casual bow that works well for almost any occasion. Whether going to your office or just for a simple party.

DIY Colorful Fabric Flower Pins

If you have collected some hairpins, upgrade their appearance by adding colorful fabric flowers. Simply just cut out fabric to create the flower shape by sewing it. Then, attach the flower to hairpins one by one. The pins are ready to wear.

Star Embellished Bobby Pins

Buy faux stars on a thrift store. Then glue them on bobby pins. You will get some new hair accessories cheap. Furthermore, those pins are timeless. Feel free to wear star embellished bobby pins for the next year.


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