If you’re a wine lover, then you have a lot of cork at home, right? After you open your wine, keep the cork. There are so many DIY ideas that you can do with cork. Scroll down to find out!

Up your holiday decor game by filling vases with mini forest scenes using tree or garland clippings, wine corks, and faux snow

Simply cover a plain glass vase with wine corks for a totally new look

Make this DIY monogram craft to decorate your space or even as a gift

Keep your necklaces tangle-free with this genius DIY jewelry organizer using cork

Assign seats at your next party using carved out wine corks to hold the pieces of paper

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This DIY is so simple but the final result is a beautiful candle holder that also subtly displays how much you love wine

This DIY is probably will be the best idea for you who love succulent. a cute fridge magnets with planters

There is no better way than to serve wine and cheese to your guests than on a DIY wine cork tray

Protect your table from hot dishes in style with your very own DIY wine cork trivet

If you want to have the coolest wreath in your entire neighborhood, making a wine cork wreath is the way to go

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To make this DIY cork coaster, you only need 8 corks per coaster and then glue the pairs together

This tropical DIY pineapple craft are so cheap and perfect to welcome the summer

This DIY wine cork board is not just for decoration, it can actually be used in your home

In this quick and easy project, your favorite wine corks are stacked on top of each other forming a circle that your larger utensils can then fit inside on display

Add a trendy decor to your home by making this DIY wine cork bulletin board

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Wine cork isn’t just for wine and household DIY projects, they also make for adorable earrings

The wine cork boot tray is the perfect spot to dry off your boots and keep muddy footprints from messing up the floors

If your inner artist is calling you, then you need to make this DIY giraffe wine cork sculpture

If you want more jewelry ideas, make your wine corks into a pendant

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This DIY cork chandelier is so unique. all you need is just a fan grate, wine corks, string, and rope

Prepare a cardboard with state-shape, lots of corks, acrylic paint, glue, and your new artwork is ready

Make your own photo clips using dyed corks that is so fun and easy to make

Change your glass on the top of your table, use corks

As simple as cutting and gluing, this DIY wine cork place mat looks so great in your dining table

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Make bungee cord ties to keep your cables and wires neat and tidy

Make a tic tac toe game for the kiddos using corks. SUPER CUTE!!!

Give your kitchen a new look with a wine cork backsplash

Add wine corks knobs to your drawers for a rustic look

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