Do you know that you still can make something with yarn even if you can knit? If you still unsure and wondering on what to make, stay still. We’ve gather these 21 DIY ideas that you can do using yarn even if your knit skill is zero. Trust us, these ideas are so easy to make!

Wrap yarn around your fingers, hot glue a button for embellishment, and attach to a clip for a hair accessory

Wrap yarn around old milk cartons, and make the polka dots by spiraling yarn in various places around the box

Wrap embroidery hoops with thread and hang balls of yarn from them

For fun party decor, dip yarn in diluted glue, wrap it around a balloon, allow to dry, then pop the balloon

Cover your old chair with this colorful pompom, and done!

Cover a cardboard base in pompoms and your house will look like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book

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You can easily make your own pom-pom garland with some yarn in your choice of colors, and a serving fork from your kitchen

This DIY idea is so easy to make. all you need is a bowl, part-cut yarns, stretch film, and glue


Just wrap some cute yarn around a letter and this DIY yarn wrapped letter is ready

If you love a Boho style, then this adorable DIY Boho yarn framed decor will suits you well

All you’ll need is an outline of whatever you want in nails, then wrap it with yarn

A rope, colorful yarns, branch, and make this adorable wall hanging of your own

Make your kids happy by making this DIY yarn pom pom chicks

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A fast and easy project you may not have thought about, a DIY pom-poms. make a stash for future hats, gift toppers and more

The face shop rice water bright cleansing foam and light cleansing oil

Tassels don’t have to be a hassle! like pom-poms, these cute little guys are easy to make out of any scraps you have on hand

When you need wrapping paper, this woven wrapping technique will give any gift a more personalized feel

Give your home an ultra-cozy vibe with a monochromatic wreath. you can use any weight, color and fiber content, making this project totally stress-free

Whether you twist yarn into a garland or wrap it around a balloon for a DIY ornament, these projects are as cute as they are quick

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This DIY mini yarn-wrapped rope bowl is ideal for collecting small items like paperclips or pins on your desk or craft table

These DIY yarn wall hangings are fun to make and stunning to display

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