It’s undeniable that decorating your home requires a lot of money. And plus, not all of decor options suits your taste. But don’t worry, these DIY ideas will surely helps you with it. Don’t be lazy, scroll down and find some ideas to copy, so you’ll get what you need!

Let’s personalize your decor to make it even more special with DIY projects. Try your hand for some easy DIYs to give your space a fresh upgrade. Enjoy!

To make this DIY, you can start by cutting a pocket from an old pair of jeans, sandwich fusible fleece between the jean pocket and pillow cover, and iron layers together

Put your dusty encyclopedias to good use with this side table

Spruce up an IKEA chest with new hardware, paint, and wallpaper

This easel is attached to the wall, which is an easy way to put your kid’s artwork on display or keep your grocery list in plain sight

With paint and a pair of drawer pulls, a salvaged cabinet door becomes a makeshift cheese board or TV dinner tray

Simply, hot-glue jute rope around a vessel for a beach-ready look

This adorable star mirror is made from a simple round mirror, twine, painter’s tape and nails

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Try creating easy DIY room decor with washi tape

Starting with a wood pallet, paint a pastel coat over the surface. layer on your own art using stencils and paint. decide on a quote or simple image

Paint the base of a lamp with a fun color like blue, green or pink and pair it with a patterned lampshade to amplify the personality

Paint simple designs on canvases, like stripes or polka dots, then frame them to create a chic gallery wall

Fashion a decorative ottoman out of fabric and a recycled footstool for an extra seating

Design a handcrafted dreamcatcher with a round hoop, yarn, beads and feathers

Build unique shelves out of Popsicle sticks and glue

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Upgrade your closet door with just a few yards of fabric and a staple gun to give them a bespoke look

This is one of those small changes that makes a big impact. with just 10 minutes and a screwdriver, swap out old, boring doorknobs for something prettier

Never forget your keys again thanks to this DIY colorful wood slice key holder

Label your kitchen necessities using your favorite font to make sure your bottles of oil and vinegar stand out on your counter and fit your decor

If you don’t have linen closet in the bathroom, attach baskets to the wall for a spot to fold extra towels and washcloths

If you do your laundry regularly and have lots of clothes that just can’t go in the dryer, attach this DIY folding rack to an empty wall

Cover up your old appliance with contact paper or vinyl wallpaper

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Cast on 16 stitches and knitted in garter stitch for as long as necessary. then sewed the two short ends together, forming a loop to thread on the clock frame

Glam up some PVC pipe with some simple wallpaper to create your own DIY shoe rack

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