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DIY Wine Rack ideas that We All Can Make

Halo, wine-lovers. If you need a storage for your lovely wine for a shorter period, stay still. We believe that one of these DIY would work well. DIY wine rack is better since it lets you can customize it to your space and of course, save your money! So, what are you waiting for?

Using slabs of reclaimed wood is a popular way to store a few bottles of wine in an attractive way

Use wooden crate to keep your wine. next step, is up to you. you can paint, stain, or distress it depending on your exiting decor

This wine bottle holder project takes just minutes to build and can be made for free or close to it if you have the right scraps

Make this easy shelves but be sure it’s anchored to the wall on the top and the bottom to ensure there’s minimal movement

Make this wine rack with the glass storage only with a scrap wood

One way to add a wine rack into your home is by converting an existing piece of furniture

This nautical-inspired DIY wine rack is made using manila rope, a slab of wood, and a hot glue gun

If you are limited on wall or floor space but have an area on top of a table that’s open, try out this DIY wine rack

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We love the masculine look of this leather and wood wine rack

Sometimes your pinot noir collection requires this 4-foot-long DIY wine rack

Adorable wine rack made of a wood and framing nail. but please, measure it carefully

Leather straps make for an oh-so-smart bottle cradle in this all-natural wine rack

This DIY wine rack made of a copper pipe and leather look as expensive as the one at the hardware store

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This pegboard-turned-wine rack has space for plenty of bottles, which are held in place by long dowels

This gorgeous wine sling is made using aluminum rods and leather

This free-standing is made of pine and plywood stained in a dark walnut

This DIY geometric wood display is also work as wall decor

If you’re a fan of all things industrial looking, you’ll want to replicate the pipe wine rack

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This gorgeous wine rack is made out of 3 pine wood and 4 copper pipe

Recycled heat duct tubes transformed into an original wine rack and placed beside a chalkboard so you can mark which wine is which

A modern DIY wine rack made out of a sheet of plywood and decorated with holes to store your wine and a creative wine glass holder

A convenient wall mount storage for up to six wine bottles and also a great looking woodworking project that you can accomplish all on your own

A contemporary countertop wine rack that will definitely impress your guests especially when you tell them you made it yourself

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