Creating toys doesn’t have to use expensive materials. You can transform all stuff around you into amazing toys for your kids. Not only it will save a couple of bucks, but you can teach your kids about recycling unused stuff around you. Take a looks at these 6 awesome and cool DIY toys using unused stuff around your house.

6 Awesome And Cool DIY Toys Using Unused Stuff Around Your House


We will get a lot of pinecone in the fall season. Not only you can use these pinecones for decoration, but you can also transform these into toys. All you need to do is to gather different sizes of pinecones, then cut pieces of felt to create ears, tails, paws, hands, and other parts of the toys. After that, arrange pinecones and pieces of felt, and your toys are ready to use.

6 Awesome And Cool DIY Toys Using Unused Stuff Around Your House


Become closer to nature with this door hanger that is suitable for your babies. Gather some natural materials such as driftwood stick, twine, wool pom poms, pieces of felt, and add some bell to give a calming noise. Arrange them together with rope and your doorbell is ready.

Look how cute this gnome couple is. You can use these for your garden decoration or of the garden miniature. Moreover, using these gnome couples for your daughter’s toy is also a good idea. All you need is a wooden peg doll with a paintbrush, wool felt, and a toothpick.

if your children love fairies, then you need to try these Fairy Tree Project. Not only you can improve the creativity of your kids, but you can also recycle unused branches and twig around your house.

Using the different sizes of branches of trees, you can create Nature Blocks for your children to play. Not only these nature blocks are fun to play, but these nature blocks also awesome toys that can help to improve your kids’ creativity.

Using an unused shoebox coupled with duct tape, you can create miniature school rooms. Play these school rooms with Lego and try to create other rooms or vehicles with these unused shoeboxes.

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