Creating DIY accessories that show your personality might be a great idea to do this week. Since there are hundreds of accessories sold in the store, you might find your friend has similar accessories with you. If you want to have a little bit of touch on your daily style, why don’t you make your own? In this article, we show you DIY no-sew accessories that will improve your style. And, they are easy to make plus affordable. Check our ideas further below!

DIY Leather Hair Tie

Diy leather hair tie


You don’t have to buy a new hair tie to spruce up your appearance this week. Making a DIY leather hair tie will not need a lot of money. You only have to cut the leather in certain sizes as you need. Then, trim the sides to get a circular shape.

Flannel Snap Scarf

This DIY scarf works well for you to wear in fall or winter. This scarf is made of flannel, leather, and buttons. You can use your hand. Feel free to customize the color and size. A scarf that made by hand will look more adorable and chic.

DIY Fabric Hair Bow

It will need a light blue and golden fabric to make this DIY fabric hair bow. You don’t need to be a professional to make this simple hair bow. Don’t forget to attach the hair clip. If you want to give a simple gift to your little girl, this hair bow will be a nice thing for her.

DIY No-Sew Fringe Scarf

A fringe scarf will not only spruce up your appearance but also keep you warm all day. Whether winter or fall, a warm scarf is a must before going outside. Feel free to customize the colors as you like. Cut the fabric in some tiny holes and attach to other fabric small pieces to create the fringe style.

Turban Headband DIY

Well, this is the easiest DIY turban headband ever. You only need to take your old shirt and cut it into small pieces. No need for a sewing machine at all. You only need to use your hand to fold it in. What a cool headband isn’t it?

DIY No-Sew Bandana Bib

What a cute baby with a cute bandana bib on her head. You can make this bandana by hand. Even a beginner can make this in less than 15 minutes. What you need to prepare to make this bandana are scissors and an old t-shirt or ribbon. And, show your creativity.


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