It is New Year, yes! Well, whether you throw a party with other family members or stay home with your kids, it is actually very fun to have a New Years’ atmosphere for your home decoration with something cute and colorful. Therefore, here we have DIY Lovable New Years’ Eve Crafts And Ideas For Your Kids This Time.

DIY New Year’s Eve Ball


This is a super easy and quick craft to whip up your New Year’s Eve. The supplies you need for this craft are sparkly paper, 2 paper fasteners, scissors, ruler, hole punch, and thread. The glitter scrapbook paper here making your New Years’ perfect. You can hang this either indoor and outdoor, it will stun your day in every second.

DIY New Years Confetti Poppers

Diy new years confetti poppers DIY Lovable New Years’ Eve Crafts And Ideas For Your Kids This Time

Here you will see that these confetti paper rockets will let your kids blow stuff up inside without the fire hazard. This craft offers you confetti inside of trapdoor attached to a string. When you pulled it up, the confetti will come streaming out of them for a fun twist on a classic confetti popper. The materials you need are a paper towel, colored paper, tissue paper, confetti, string, tape, glue, beads, and ribbons for streamers. Besides, the tools are a stapler, scissors, needlework needle, fun craft punches, and a hole puncher.

Fireworks Painting

These easy fireworks paintings will add sparkles to your holiday with these homemade fireworks paintbrushes and glitter paint. The materials you need are black card stock, DIY fireworks paintbrushes (made of tinsel stems), sparkly and metallic paints (metallic silver, metallic gold, a mix of red and glitter red).

Cupcake Liner Disco Ball

This easy flashy disco ball is made of shiny foil cupcake liners. Here are you will see cupcake products involved. You will need tin or silver cupcake liners, glue, and a large ball (made of Styrofoam, paper lantern, and etc).

Paper Plate Party Animal

This craft is pretty adorable where your kids can create. This is perfect either for a party or a regular day. You will need colored paper, pom poms, pattern paper, fabric, and stick.

DIY Noise Makers For New Years

In the name of gorgeous New Years’, everyone will love to have and create a noisemaker. This will add fun to your day in your home. The supplies you need for this noisemaker are empty toilet paper rolls, gold and silver sparkly duct tape, uncooked beans, colored jewels, gold and silver ribbon, and glue.

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