Do you have a fireplace in your home that is not used in summer? When the weather starts to warm, it will be better for us to cover the fireplace with a screen. Further, if you don’t want to buy that screen, just create it. There might be old glass, old window shutters, or other things that can be used as a screen. In this article, there are DIY projects of fireplace screens that anyone can do. Check out!

A Beautiful Log Slice Fireplace

A beautiful log slice fireplace


Wood slices look so chic in the fireplace. You can make those slices only by cutting a wooden log into various smaller sizes and adding fireplace paint to it. Then, assemble them with magnetic tools. Make sure you apply them carefully, so they will look neat.

Eye-Catching Snowflakes For Fireplace

What are you waiting for? Your non-working fireplace will look more interesting after you add these snowflakes. No worries! Anyone can make them well even for a DIY newbie. Just take a white paper and cut the patterns with your kid.

DIY Faux Log Stack Fireplace

See the picture carefully! What you see here are not real logs stack in the fireplace. Those are just a few inches wooden slices to fill the empty fireplace part. When the weather cooling down, you can use that space to burn the real wooden logs.

Stain Glass Fireplace Screen

You don’t have to buy a new shutter to create this beautiful stain glass fireplace screen. Just take an old unused window shutter and apply a stained glass on it. This screen will add a vintage look into your fireplace decor instantly.

Industrial Fireplace Screen

You will spend more hours even days to create this cool industrial fireplace screen. A barn door may look so simple but it gives a huge impression into the fireplace. Moreover, this screen might become the focal interest of the decor.

White Shutter DIY Fireplace Screen

Repurpose old window shutters will not be so hard. You don’t have to create anything except painting the shutters in white. Then, attach them to the fireplace. Feel free to hang some accents to improve the screen’s look.

Window Sash Fireplace Screen

Use this windows sash fireplace when the fireplace is not used. It can cover the inside area of the fireplace from dust. However, you can’t use it when the fireplace has its fire. The window sash will break because of the temperature.

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