Nowadays, it is quite popular to present wooden furniture, especially for the beds. It is because the wood had the most longevity of any kind of material that will always be better than buying any kind of metal beds. Here you pay attention to the ideas below of DIY Modern Wooden Bed Designs That Will Be Cherished For Years.

Dual Tone Wooden Bed Design

This dual-tone wooden bed design is perfect for dual-tone interiors lovers. Besides, this wooden bed definitely suits your overall looks and style. It has a dual-tone finish as mainly present on the headboard and footboard of the wood platform bed. After that, it has a pattern of straight lines as well.

Solid Wooden Bed Design

Solid wooden bed design DIY Modern Wooden Bed Designs That Will Be Cherished For Years

The overall looks of this full wood bed are winning over your hearts with its designs on both the headboard and footboard. It has a medium height headboard so good for you to rest your back and relax without any problems. Last, it is done mostly in the teak color that looks and feels so smooth.

Queen Wooden Bed Design

It is called a queen wooden bed design with the main design pattern consists of solid wood with a long and lengthy headboard and smaller footboard. Besides, this wood bed design also has storage options for you to use as well as to store your personal things too. You see there the material and the finish is top-notch and the overall cost is definitely worth your cost without any doubt.

Modern Wooden Bed Design

This modern wooden bed design has all good modern touch to good quality paint and finish. This bed design has a brown wooden one so it is perfect for even your extra-large-sized bedrooms too.

Modern-Rustic Bed Design

The color finish of this modern-rustic bed design is so rustic and elegant. It has a high rustic wood headboard that supports all the backside of you who is relaxing on it. After that, it has a circular painting on the headboard.

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