Lamps are perfect to go for lighting and decorating. Thua, mason jars are smart to have warm and vintage lighting to feel fuzzy and nostalgic. All ideas are collected in DIY Lamp With Mason Jar Ideas To Look Cozy And Warm

Mason Jar Aquarium Lamp For Kids

DIY Lamp With Mason Jar Ideas To Look Cozy And Warm


It is an aquarium idea that so eye-catching and stunning. You will need a lampshade, Mason jar, light bulb, and a few other basic supplies with fishes inside. Put this in your kids’ room to light up their space in a funny decoration.

Jellybean Mason Jar Lamp

DIY Lamp With Mason Jar Ideas To Look Cozy And Warm


Can you imagine this jellybean lamp can be made in less than 10 minutes? You will need a mason jar, canning jar lamp adapter, 6.5-inch lampshade, bulb, and 32 oz-jellybeans. You can just pour in the jellybeans, screw on the adaptee, add the shade and bulb. Then, you are ready to go with the jellybean mason jar lamp   Besides, it can also become your birthday, Christmas, Easter craft, or gift.

Fall Masson Jar Lamp

This lamp is ready to create warmth, nice, and cozy. It is a great idea to add a lot of warm shaded lamps to beautify your space. Moreover, it is absolutely adorable with its autumn leaves inside. The supplies you need are a mason jar, a Darice canning jar lamp adapter in 3 inches, a small lampshade, and fall leaves.

Warrior Mason Jar Lamp

This mason jar lamp can be easily customized and changed. Here, word affirmations are great to manifest your dreams. You will need mason jars, tools to clean mason jars, spray paint, and a magnetic switch.

DIY Bird Nest Mason Jar Lamp

It is a unique bird nest mason jar lamp to beautify your room. The supplies you need are a wide-mouth mason jar, wide-mouth mason jar lamp adapter kit, mossy twig Vaine garland, lampshade, chicken wired sisal vine, 1,5-inch wooden eggs, acrylic paint, wire cutters, and pliers.

Vintage Mason Jar Lamp

This vintage mason jar lamp will offer you beautiful golden light all night long. It will need ball wide Mason jar, a vintage bulb in 25 watts, and a hobnail white glass votive, holder.

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