Improving bathroom decoration will not be a big problem. Rather than buying new elements, it will be better for us to make some DIY bathroom pieces. Those DIYs will create a new look and keep our budget. However, we need to be more creative to find DIY ideas that are budget-friendly and easy to do. Make sure that the DIYs will not break up the whole bathroom decor. In this article, we have gathered some DIYs for the bathroom that you can make this week. Check out more!

Simple Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Accessories

Simple mason jar bathroom storage accessories


Mason jars are versatile and easy to find at the nearest store in your city. You might have saved some jars in your kitchen cupboard. Take some of them and repaint them with your favorite color. In this picture, the creator paints them in white. Then use them as bathroom accessories storage.

Seedbox Bathroom Display

Pay attention to the seedbox in this picture that made of old antique sewing. You can use your old drawers as well. Just install soils and pebbles into the box and plant some greens, succulents, or other flowers. Put this pretty seedbox on a table.

Farmhouse Bathroom Sign

Anyone can read this sign before they come into the toilet. The creator makes this pretty simple farmhouse bathroom sign with simple steps. However, you need to have at least basic woodworking skills. Prepare the plain wood and add the letters by using a hammer.

Bathroom Hallway Sign DIY

The bathroom sign will help your guest to find the restroom easily. Making a bathroom sign is not a hard problem. In this picture, the creator makes this pretty hallway sign from a wooden slice. Of course, you will not need a lot of money. Even this project can be finished in less than an hour.

Super Simple DIY Bathroom Storage Ladder

This a pretty simple and easy way to improve your bathroom decor. Just find out an old ladder, repaint it in black. Add a green wreath, towel, and some potted green plants to the leader. Sure, this project will not need a lot of money.

DIY Rustic Tray For bathroom

Look at this wooden tray that gives your bathroom a spa atmosphere. You can put on your aromatherapy here. Enjoy your time to take a bath while getting a better feeling. This project is super easy. You only need a wood board and use it as a tray.

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