“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job.”

-Albert Hadley 

No home seems to look complete without a window that brings so much energy and positivity inside your premises. Windows are best to facilitate natural light while giving your home a basic and interactive structure. Plus, it works as a fantastic option to facilitate better ventilation. Maybe that’s why homes without windows look gloomy and dull than those with many windows to engage your attention. 

Maybe that’s why we have a series of windows including – single-hung windows, double-hung windows, slider windows, casement, awning, transom windows, etc. 

When we talk about having windows at your home, most people restrict their idea of windows to ordinary ones. However, it is good enough to serve the purpose, but what about giving it an impeccable look? Windows can be transformed into a dreamy vision; all you need is to have the vision to transform it the right way. 

Windows improvement – Let’s give them a dreamy look. 

Windows may look bare and old-school when left without any decoration. This won’t be a question on your decor sense but on your personality too. When talking about decorating windows, there is a lot of scope and vision to play around with. All you need is to come up with something beyond curtains and ordinary hangings. 

If you are all set to try some DIYs and give the windows an irresistible look, then we have got you covered. Surf through these options and see how you can play around with your creativity to bring the best out of your home decor. 

Idea no. 1 – Dress up the window with zebra print cornices 

Those who desire to give their home a unique and out-of-the-box look should prefer this idea for sure. It is engaging and fun to keep your guests entertained. Believe it or not, you will become the center of attention for everyone who has been calling you mundane so far. It’s an incredible way to bring a smile to your guests’ faces for sure. 

Idea no. 2 – Fabric 

If you wish to keep it simple yet elegant, then go for draping curtains around it. Get some quality fabric curtains with beautiful prints to cover the window from all corners. If you are going for printed fabric, you would not need to do anything else. And what can be better than hanging lights to enhance that particular corner? Don’t forget to surf through the different hanging light options before hopping on an ordinary one. 

Idea no. 3 – Go eco-friendly. 

You can install some tiny shelves around the windows to place your masterpieces or small plants to make the place look no less than a small inside home garden. This idea works amazingly well to purify the air of your home while enhancing its look. If you want to keep it simple and elegant, try to place the shelves in a zigzag pattern. This idea can never go out of fashion. Plus, you can save ample plants to create your kitchen garden. 

Idea no. 4 – Use napkin rings 

Your mania for plush dining tables may have compelled you to purchase some napkin rings for sure. These napkin rings look amazing on the dining table but let’s face the truth that you can’t be using them regularly. So then why not utilize it for draping ties on your curtains? Use the stylish napkin rings to tie the heavy curtains and give it a rich look in no time. This way, you will save the napkin rings from licking dirt in the drawers for months now. 

Idea no 5 – A sitting area 

If you have enough space around the window and a beautiful view outside, then create a sitting area next to your window. For this, try going for a window-sized wall. And yes, remember, this DIY may require you to hire a professional. For instance – most homes in Michigan have wall-sized windows to enjoy the visual treat of nature outside. For this, a michigan window company can revamp the overall look and feel of your window area while meeting the roofing requirements. This is the best way to get a dream-like window zone for sure. 

Moreover, you can enhance the beauty of this place by placing a beautiful carpet/rug there and top it with different-sized cushions adding to its beauty. You won’t understand when it will become your favorite cocoon in the home. 

Idea no. 6 – Give it a cafe look 

There are windows which cannot be opened. Generally, such windows are installed just for the sake of sunlight. And now, when you can’t help it, then why not enhance its beauty? Well, that’s possible in some interesting ways. Stick some 3D stickers on the top, which come with a sticky residue or easy application. 

Choose stickers of your choice to make the decor look more meaningful for you. This idea works amazingly for lazy souls who do not prefer to spend much time or energy on it. It is referred to as a cafe look where the windows remain closed; it remains designer and enjoyable to watch. The idea is more common and popular among young lads the most. 

We know these happening ideas will have made you go to your la-la land and imagine everything. But this is when you imagine it. Get inspired and make efforts to revamp the appearance of your place for once. Come out of the mundane phase and see how you can enhance it. 

The bottom line is that, 

Those who wish to give their home a dreamy look should never compromise on the window’s quality and decoration. There are different ways and types of windows that can be decorated in an endless number of ways. It all depends on your creativity and mindset, which will transform your home’s entire look and feel in no time.


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