Having the DIY kitchen decoration can be worth it. Related to that, it is a joy and pride of a kitchen to have pot racks. Your stunning cookware should not be put on a dusty cupboard. Here are the best ideas of pot racks you can create at home with the best purpose.

Simple Single Pot Rack Idea

Simple single pot rack idea DIY Pot Racks To Create As Your Kitchen Highlight Exhibition


When you want to create a pot rack, try the simple one at first. Here, a single long, sturdy rail works to keep things up and out, especially when the cabinet space and countertops are limited. You can try hanging a rod high up to preserve your workspace.

Pegboard Pot Rack Idea

Pegboard pot rack idea DIY Pot Racks To Create As Your Kitchen Highlight Exhibition


Keep your cookware within reach, you can opt for a pegboard organizer. Fill the good part of an open wall with a good standard pegboard, then you can trace your appliances with a paint pen to ensure everything gets put away in perfect order.

Tension Rod Pot Rack Idea

By hiding a tension rod under the range hood or bottom of the cabinet’s frame, it will keep your kitchen walls streamline. After that, you can hang your pots and pans using chic simple hooks.

Rustic Pot Rack

It is a repurposing idea. You can repurpose a set of old towel racks to create multi-use hanging kitchen storage. Besides, you can make over the racks with a coat of paint and a glossy clear coat to bring it back to life. If you want the quicker option, you can try spray paint to cover a multitude of materials.

Copper Pipe Pot Rack

The copper pipe pot rack is a truly noteworthy kitchen storage solution that utilizes shiny copper pipes as rods.

Wall-Mounted Pot Rack

If you have a minimalist kitchen style, you can consider using this simple rectangular wall-mounted frame. It is one of the best ways to keep your pots, so you can hang only your most-used kitchenware and leave the rest tucked neatly away.

Pull-Out Pot Rack

Pull-out pot rack DIY Pot Racks To Create As Your Kitchen Highlight Exhibition


You may consider a handy hidden storage solution if your cookware is a little less than display-ready. The tools you need to create this rack are basic hand tools, router, drill or driver, and jigsaw. This project will request more of your time and your patience but the result will pay you.

Scrap Wood Pot Rack

This idea has a perfectly weathered finish that gives the homes in character it needs. Besides, your stainless steel pans will be attached in style by the existence of a set of wrought iron S-hooks.

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