Seeing the kitchen design, we will notice that one element that is easy to DIY is the kitchen backsplash. Not like flooring, plumbing, electrical, or even doors and windows are projects for professionals. So, you don’t have to feel guilty. But, the kitchen backsplash is your turn to show your DIY skills. This part uses easier materials and tools. If you want to change your backsplash for the next kitchen renovation, check out our ideas below. In this list, we have collected DIY kitchen backsplashes to copy.

DIY Beadboard Kitchen Backsplash

Diy beadboard kitchen backsplash


To get this classic feel in your kitchen, purchase 1/4-inch pressed wood beadboard. Then, tack it to the wall. This isn’t a hard project. The tools needed are construction adhesive and a brad gun. Those are easily found in the market. Doing this project is about an hour. Even, you can do less in a small kitchen.

DIY Painted Ceramic Tile

If you don’t have more time in doing DIY projects for the kitchen, try this simple idea. DIY-painted ceramic tile is the best thing. Neither tear-out was involved nor heavy materials. Just prepare the best paint color for the backsplash. Even a beginner can do this project in minutes.

DIY Faux Brick Kitchen Backsplash

What do you think of this kitchen backsplash? You don’t have to use the real bricks. Applying faux bricks to the kitchen will improve your backsplash look. The materials used here are tileboards. You can get them soon from a DIY store. Choose the one that looks like bricks.

DIY Backsplash With Tyles

Have you ever heard about tyles? It is not aimed to replace the look of real tiles. Tyles are hand-drawn artwork done by professionals. Just attach tyles on the backsplash by using glue. Then, you will get your kitchen backsplash updated. Sure, you can buy tyles from online stores or other markets near your home.

DIY Stone Backsplash With Airstone

Artificial stones are what you need to make this pretty backsplash. It is relatively easy to do even for a DIY newbie. Just attach the artificial stones one by one to the wall of your kitchen backsplash. Those stones give more texture to the backsplash. Doing this project seems like playing a puzzle.

DIY Backsplash with Laminate Flooring

You find the easiest idea in this list. This project isn’t hard and super cheap. Buy laminate flooring and attach it to the backsplash. Then, you get a new look for your kitchen. What do you think? There is no hard step at all, right?


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