Bricks walls may tend to see in a farmhouse or shabby chic room decoration. In this article, we are going to discuss the kitchen’s backsplashes in brick that designed in a whitewashed and white style to hide the imperfection. Brick backsplashes are easy to build. As long as you have the ability to measure the based material, you can make it. Check out our lists below to inspire you!

Traditionally Elegant Kitchen Look

Traditionally elegant kitchen look

In this farmhouse kitchen, we are given a nice cooking ara with white brick backsplash. Then, it has a white cabinet as well. However, the owner applies modern kitchen appliances in this cooking space. We love the flower that put beside the stove.

Whitewashed Red Brick Backsplash

Whitewashed red brick backsplash

Look at the white cabinet that looks sleek and clean. It has grey countertops that make the owner can easily clean it every day. We adore the potted flowers that add a natural look in this farmhouse kitchen tone. If you want to add texture and eye-catchiness to your kitchen, you can copy this idea. You can pick out some potted flowers here.

Red Brick Whitewashed Backsplash

Red brick whitewashed backspalsh

We love the material combination in this cooking space it applies a wooden plank floor that works well with the white cabinet. The kitchen appliances are done in the metal-based that looks so cool. Then, red brick whitewashed backsplash completes this area very interestingly.

Bold Farmhouse Space

Bold farmhouse space

We love the creamy cabinets that look so crunchy. It combined well with a dark metal hood. The whitewashed red brick backsplash adds more texture. Those elements are nice to show a clean and tidy cooking space with stone countertops.

Elegant Neutral Kitchen

Elegant neutral kitchen

An elegant kitchen doesn’t have to use expensive materials. This kitchen with black cabinets and neutral stone countertops appears warm and cozy. Even, the whitewashed brick backsplash and its elegant neutral hood are so cool.

All-White Kitchen

All-white kitchen

As its name, this kitchen is done in white shades. Look at the white brick backsplash that gives a textural feel. The black countertops and dark metal handles add more elegant feelings. The white bricks are seen as this kitchen’s focal interest. Install the most popular white cabinets and you’ve got a clean and minimalistic kitchen.

Neutral Brick Backsplash Clad

Neutral brick backsplash clad

The backsplash is done in a herringbone pattern. It has a weathered wood hood and a metal cooker to tell us its industrial feels. We love how the owner of this house decorate this warm and comfy cooking area.


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