Glasses are one of the important accessories to look trendy. But what if we feel bored with our old model sunglasses? There are many ways to fix your worn glasses. Instead of buying a new one, it’s a good idea to update old glasses that are still good. You can use simple materials such as gold ornaments, artificial diamonds, beads, and others to create an impressive DIY accessory.

We can create your own unique and fun glasses for a vacation or just hang out with you. You just need old sunglasses, colorful nail polish, and a sweet little decoration accent. First paint the glasses frame with a donut base color, then top it with the donut color that we want. Wait for it to dry. Apply nail polish with cheerful colors to create the impression of sweet granules on the donut. For convenience, use the help of a toothpick. Donut sunglasses are ready for you to go out with friends

These glasses have an interesting additional decoration. With white diamonds added on top of the glasses that provide a beautiful combination, you will look more stylish.

A simple sunglasses but looks better if you add a little white spot motif to the black glasses. That way your style will look better.

The design of those artificial glasses use black and white colors which is very suitable when used as a couple. Using these artificial accessories gives a rhythmic impression.

Make your black sentence look more luxurious. By using beautiful gold ornaments, giving a very different appearance.

Another thing you can make is accessories, such as glasses. This one has a different decoration. Because coupled with ornaments like a beautiful white diamond while providing luxury.

This sunglass is easy to make because it only use simple materials. But with these accessories will add style and your beauty.

Use these artificial sunglasses, with cool black. And additional colorful flower decorations that look very beautiful.

Flowers are a beautiful decoration. But it can also be added to the decoration of sunglasses to make it look better. And give a better style.

This is a decoration of glasses that looks very good. But it looks very funny, by adding the decoration into your sunglasses.

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Many good eyewear accessories are out there. But this one has different constraints. With color motifs in the frame gives perfection.

With these artificial accessories, maybe your style will look more attractive. With glasses that are coupled with pink sunflower decorations give a decoration that looks cute.

Unlike the design of other artificial glasses. These glasses have beautiful jewel decorations in cool black. Making a very perfect combination.

You can try these craft accessories. With simple round glasses combined with white-lined decoration on the front frame. So that adds to the features of the eyewear accessories that you make.

Black and white are the main choices for many people. These black and white sunglasses have additional beautiful decorations. By adding a different form of fancy decoration makes this artificial accessory more attractive.

All crafts or accessories for your style you can make yourself. Like yellow glasses and has a shape like a beautiful flower. Who is able to provide the appropriate combination.

You can use decorations in the form of beautiful gold sprinkles, then you can put them in your blue sunglasses decoration. So it looks more charming.

This is how to make good eyewear accessories. By adding colorful decorations and having a variety of fruit shape maca. A very good one you can use.

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These glasses have an additional bright yellow sunflower decoration. That way these artificial accessories are very popular with many people.

The design by mimicking fruits really does look good. Moreover, imitating the design of this watermelon with bright colors will be fresh very suitable for relaxing.

You can take craft inspiration from fruits. Like this one, mimicking the shape of fresh yellow pineapple and making glasses as a complement to your style.

Have different beauty craft accessories. But unlike this one, pink eye sunglasses in the shape of a crane are very elegant.

The design of the eyewear accessories is added with colorful threads that look good. By providing these decorations provide a harmonious blend.

This artificial accessory has a nice white pearl decoration. In the decoration of sunglasses that provide a very coherent combination.

In some cases, it might be very difficult to do. But it is different from making these sunglasses accessories and coupled with ornaments like diamonds that adorn the decorations.

Not just ordinary sunglasses. But these glasses have a shape like a spider. With these decorations, the accessories look very attractive.

These sunglasses have beautiful sunflower decorations. By adding it above the eyeglass frame to give a different impression.

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Stylish sunglasses with beautiful frames imply a feminine aura and add to the vibrant of your days. Try and give 3D effects on glasses this time. First prepare plain glasses, glue and small flower accessories that you can easily find at the store knick-knacks. Then, make flower shapes with different sizes. After that, put glue on the tip of the glasses and pin the shape of the flower to make it strong. These glasses are suitable for those who wear feminine style.

There are a number of things you need to pay attention to in order to maintain stylish sunglasses to stay charming. Treat glasses by providing a special case or container. This is done so as not to damage or scratch the lens and the handle of the glasses. Also avoid wearing excessive accessories on the hair, ears, and neck when wearing unique sunglasses. This is done so as not to look excessive on the style, because the design of glasses has stolen the attention.


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