Decorating the garden comes in many ways and ideas. From simple to complex. Starting from choosing the right landscape, plants, ornaments, to furniture. When it comes to the selection of garden furniture, most people opt for a bench to complement their garden décor. Having a bench in your garden is one of the best ways to decorate your yard. There are many choices of garden benches available that you can choose from. However, if you want to save your budget, some DIY garden bench ideas can be your choice.

When it comes to the DIY garden bench the ideas are wide and varied. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, which you can use to build an eye-catching seat. You can make your DIY garden benches with inexpensive materials, such as old woods, pallets, cinderblocks, stones, or concrete. If you are good at building things, you can make your own built-in benches or planter box benches with wood and concrete materials. Furthermore, for those of you who are good in crafty, you can repurpose your old headboards, bed frames, doors, chairs, or bathtub to become an interesting garden bench. It doesn’t matter which material you choose, the most important thing is the appearance of your garden. Whether your bench is made of rustic rock or a log, the choice is yours! Once you’ve decided on the style, you can start building. Let’s check below.

Colorful Garden Bench from homedit

Cinder Block Bench from homedit

Outdoor Wooden Bench from homedit

Rustic Log Reclaimed Wood Garden Bench from homedit

DIY Plant Bench from homedit

West Elm Knock-Off Bench from homedit

DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench from homedit

Outdoor Bench and Planter Combo from homedit

Minimalist Outdoor Bench from homedit

Hybrid Bench Cinder Block from homedit

Stone Bench from homedit

Pallet Bench from homedit

Curved Fire Pit Bench from homedit

Colorful Bench with X-Shaped Legs from homedit

Repurposed Bed Bench from homedit

Repurpose a Door Bench from homedit

Garden Bench with an Arbor from homedit

Bathtub Bench from homedit

Standalone Wooden Bench from homedit

Polywood Lumber Bench from homedit

Metal Bench from homedit

Bench with Planters from homedit

Wagon Wheel Garden Bench from homedit

Decorative Outdoor Bench from homedit

Reclaimed Wood and Iron Bench from homedit

Butterfly Bench from homedit

Aluminum Garden Bench from homedit

Dewitt Adirondack Wooden Garden Bench from homedit

Vintage Park Bench from thespruce

Garden Bench from thespruce

Arbor and Bench from thespruce

Grass Bench from thespruce

Victorian Bench from thespruce

Memorial Bench from thespruce

Bench for Plants from thespruce

Rock-Leg Bench from thespruce

Deck Bench from thespruce

DIY Wagon Wheel Bench from thespruce

Farmhouse Bench With Storage  from countryliving

Wood Slab Bench from countryliving

Repurposed Door Bench from countryliving

DIY Planter Box Bench from countryliving

Repurposed Chair Bench from countryliving

DIY Bed Frame Bench from countryliving

DIY Bed Frame Bench from countryliving

Tree Bench from countryliving

Cinder Block Bench from countryliving

DIY Headboard Bench from countryliving

White Outdoor Bench from countryliving

Day Bed Garden Bench from countryliving

Upcycled Dining Chairs Bench from countryliving

Classic Wrought Iron Garden Benches  from ofdesign

Built-in Bench from ofdesign

Metal and Glass Garden Bench  from ofdesign

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