For those of you who have old broken carpets and don’t know what to do about them, you are on the right site. Old rugs are dull. Anyone is wondering how to reuse old carpets. Instead of throwing them away, there are pretty ways to repurpose old carpets. You will need several tools and other supplies to change an old carpet into new things. However, those are might already on your storage. In this article, we have gathered DIY repurposing old carpet ideas that will inspire you.

Old Carpet Into Rug Throw Pillow

Old carpet into rug throw pillow


If you have much leisure time, you can make this DIY rug throw pillow. However, you need to have at least basic sewing skills to sew the rug. First of all, cut the rug in any size you need. Then, draw the pattern and sew it.  You can make as many as you need.

Handmade Tapestry Wall Hanging

If you have some old carpets or rugs, cut them into smaller pieces. Then, attach them in one. You will get a tapestry wall hanging like the picture. It is easy to make. Feel free to customize the size and pattern you want. Style it to get a more artistic wall hanging.

DIY Upcycled Carpet Scrap Door Mat

What do you think of this? A carpet can be turned into a cool doormat. Just it out into the size you want. Style it by sewing a beautiful pattern. Feel free to decide the pattern you like. Then, put it on the door. This project will need several minutes, but you will love the result.

Inspiring Upholstered Headboard

An old carpet can be repurposed well as a new thing like this picture. It is a headboard that looks os rustic for your bedroom. If you wish to have the same headboard, just cut out an old rug and shape it like a headboard. Attach to the wood you have.

DIY Upcycled Carpet Drink Coasters

Wonderful coasters, aren’t they? They are made of old carpet. First of all, take an old rug that is not used anymore. Then, cut it into some circular pieces. No need to sew or glue. The coaster is ready to use. Just make sure that it is clean and clear from any dust.

DIY Repurposed Carpet Boots

It is truly genius. Turning an old carpet into new boots will be a tremendous idea. Cut the carpet by following the pattern. Then, attach the pieces of carpet to the boots by using hot glue or you can sew it by hand.

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