The pillows projects below will inspire you to pop up your space. Then, the ideas will not need your hand sewing skills. So, better for you to keep reading this page.

DIY Button Pillow

Diy button pillow An Afternoon DIY Projects To Create Eye-Catching Accent Pillows


This button pillow may not be the perfect pillow to lay your head on, but it is absolutely perfect for adding a bit of color and design to your living room. After that, all you have to do is choose a specific design and then use your buttons to create it. The supplies you need are 2 pieces of orange cotton, 2 pieces of fusible interfacing, buttons, scissors, needle, and thread.

Felt Sunflower Pillow

Felt sunflower pillow An Afternoon DIY Projects To Create Eye-Catching Accent Pillows


These felt pillows are really simple to make, comfortable, and really gorgeous when it’s finished. You may use felt to create sunflower petals that adorn the entire front of the pillow. Besides, you can also go all out and cover the entire pillow if you want. Start by cutting out your petal shapes will take the most time. The supplies you need are Yellow/Gold felt, scissors, 19″ x 19″ Pillow, sewing machine, all-purpose pins, fabric glue, hand sewing needle, and contrasting yellow fabric.

Macaron Pillows

Macaron pillows are soft, cute, and adorable. These pillows are perfect for cozying up with, either with a good book or for a little nap. The supplies you need are coral fleece, fiber stuffing, paper printer,  basic sewing machine, needle & coordinating thread, iron & pressing surface,  measuring tape,  scissors & fabric shears,  straight pins, and fabric marker.

Tuxedo Pillow

It is a repurposing idea where a shirt can be used to create this lovely little tuxedo pillow that adds such elegance to any room. Here, you will need an old button-down shirt and if it has a ruffle. Next, just button up the shirt and then cut out your pillow pattern. After that,  sew it up and add your stuffing or pillow form and finish it off. This is a great little pillow for the bedroom or you can add it anywhere that you need a little elegant décor.

Easy Ruffled Tafetta Pillow

It is a result of the contrast between the shabby muslin and party-appropriate taffeta. The materials you need are a sewing machine and thread, serger, ½ yard taffeta, ¼ yard muslin, and 1-yard floral fabric. This pillow is gorgeous by its color and texture.

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